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AcuRite is a name that is on the tip of the tongue of every weather enthusiast. It is one of the leading brands that focuses on precision. Being at the top of the chain for a long time, it understands the needs of users and keeps making necessary improvements. It is consistent yet unique as the accuracy is retained in all the products but the new additional features are added every now and then too. One such product is AcuRite 01536M that takes the varying needs of consumers in consideration and comes under reasonable price range.


  • 5-in-1 sensor gives accurate readings of outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall.
  • It can be installed easily with the help of the manual.
  • Durability as it is made of weather-resistant materials giving it a longer life.
  • 2-year battery life so you don’t need to frequently replace the battery.
  • Great transmission range of 300 feet and a strong signal.


  • You can not use rechargeable batteries with this device.

If you’re a weather buff, you must be checking weather reports quite frequently. In the past few years, we have been completely dependent on these weather stations for doing so. We don’t rely anymore on those inaccurate forecasts of random news channels. So, having a weather station at your home not only helps you to plan anything but also saves an event from being spoiled.

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AcuRite 01536M is one of the brand’s highly recommended models because of its certain features about which we will be knowing ahead in this review. We will also be discussing why exactly we recommend this product, its features, and much more.

Who Needs The AcuRite 01536M Weather Station?

Keeping track of weather is very important in this modern world as we all are leading a very busy life. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you stay, if you have to go out frequently, it becomes easier when you know the weather condition or prediction. So, when you have this product at your disposal, you will always know when to wear shorts or when to take an umbrella with you. You don’t have to rely on inaccurate forecasts anymore.

Once you know the weather forecast, you can easily plan those long-awaited birthday parties or outing plans that got canceled time and again due to poor weather conditions. Having this product with you will always eliminate weather from being your party-spoiler.

Why We Recommend This Product

So, this is quite clear why we should have a weather station at our home. But, by this time, you must have this thought hovering through your mind that why do we recommend this product particularly. Every product has its pros and cons. In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons that this product has and then you will be able to get a clear answer to the question. Let’s get started.

AcuRite 01536 has some top features as compared to other devices of the same brand/ AcuRite 01536 comes with tons of features like 5 in 1 sensor, extended battery life, and many more which helps you to monitor weather conditions like never before. 

Display Reading

One of the most exciting features of this device is its colorful display with PC connect. It gives you real-time data on multiple levels. You can read data like indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, wind speed, wind direction with 16 point wind rose, wind chill, heat index, feels like calculations, dew point, barometric pressure, time, date, and much more! 

5-in-1 Sensor

Another feature is that this well-crafted product comes standard with a 5-in-1 sensor. It becomes very handy when you get such features in one device. The sensors help you to monitor outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall. It not only makes the weather prediction more accurate but these sensors also help you to keep a track of the weather condition at any time while staying at your comfort. So, next time when you make a plan, you not only get an accurate prediction but also can know the present weather condition.

Transmission Range

When it comes to transmission range, AcuRite 01536 gives a tough competition to other weather stations of this same price range. AcuRite 01536 gives you a transmission range of 300 feet. It can be considered enough for a standard home or a small business.

Battery Life

You can be someone who hates to charge a device time and again because of poor battery life. AcuRite 01536 comes with a solution. It gives you an extraordinary extended 2 years battery life which can run for months and months without changing the battery. The batteries that you would need here are 4AA. We recommend using lithium-ion batteries with this model and please avoid using rechargeable batteries.

Why We Recommend AcuRite 01536M Weather Station

On-Board Memory

If you want to keep a track of weather data over time, then it is good news for you. The AcuRite 01536 comes with on-board memory which allows you to store data of the past 2 weeks. You can also store these data on your computer easily. If you want to transfer data to your computer, all you have to do is to connect your PC with the device.

AcuRite App

If you like to monitor data from your phone or while you’re away, the AcuRite app serves you with such purposes. For this, you have to download the app from google play store and install it on your phone. Then you have to connect your weather station with your app and finally, you’re all set. Now you can view the data from anywhere or even share it with your friends and family. It also helps you with monitoring data, where you will be able to receive emails for any kind of dramatic changes in weather, like storms or flooding. 


We always want anything to be nothing but long-lasting. Anything that breaks easily or stops working very easily is considered to be worthless. AcuRite 01536 is a pro in such a condition. It is made of weather-resistant materials that are sure to serve you for years to come. It not only makes this product top-notch but also promises you a secured investment. This product is covered with a limited 1-year warranty.

Installation Process

AcuRite 01536 is an easily installable product. It comes with a basic installation guide. But, to install this device, you don’t need to be a tool expert since it is wireless. Anyone with some basic knowledge can install this without any hurdle. It will take only a few minutes to install the outdoor sensor. The station comes with a mounting bracket. So you need a few hand tools to complete the job. In the package, you get a 5-in-1 Weather Sensor, USB cable, mounting bracket, mounting hardware, and a power adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does AcuRite 01536 give you high and low temperatures of the day?

Yes, it does. AcuRite 01536 gives you the data for any day’s highest and lowest temperature.

Q. How often does it update wind speed?

From the user manual, you can see that it updates wind speed in every 18secs.
Apart from this, the update frequency for other things are:
Wind Direction: 30 seconds
Outdoor temperature & humidity: 36 second updates
Indoor temperature & humidity: 60 second updates
PC Connect CSV Data Logging: 12 minute intervals
PC Connect to AcuRite Software/App: 18 seconds

Q. Does it need Wifi to transmit data from the sensor to display?

 The simplest answer is No. It does not need any Wifi connection to transmit data from the sensor to the base station.

Q. Can multiple displays be used with this product?

Yes, you can use other 5-in-1 displays to connect with the 5-in-1 sensor. So, you can use multiple indoor displays as all AcuRite’s 5-in-1 displays are compatible with it.

Q. Can I add an additional temperature sensor with the display?

The answer to this question is no. You can not add more sensors with this display as this display is only compatible with the given 5-in-1 sensors.

Q. What are the batteries required?

You would need 4AA batteries to power this device. We suggest using lithium-ion batteries for this device and please avoid using rechargeable batteries.

A Final Word

So, by this time, we hope that you’ve had a clear understanding as to why we recommend this particular product to use as your weather station. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper product for personal use, you can opt for this one. Although, there are other models available in the market. You can compare and then make your mind. Stay safe!

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