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Anemometer is a device that is used to measure the speed of the wind and the temperature value. These devices help in telling the customers who have planned outdoor activities the idea about the weather to come. Anemometers help in telling the customers about the weather conditions in the middle of activities like archery, hiking, fishing, camping etc. If you are a long-range sniper, you may very well understand how well the wind may influence your shot and will want to determine the wind speed before taking a shot. This is where an anemometer will help you pull a few strings.

Best Handheld Anemometers In 2020

There are many different anemometers in the market at the moment from which you can choose from. Maybe you would want a portable device so you could carry it anywhere, or maybe you want a device that may be budget-friendly etc, there are a majority of factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing the one in which is very convenient for your use. Now to deal with this problem, this article may help you in purchasing the best anemometer you might ever need for a long term use. These are the best options you may opt for your needs:

Editor’s Picks: 3 Of The Top Handheld Anemometers In 2023

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5 Best Handheld Anemometers In 2023 Reviewed

1. HoldPeak HP-866B Digital Anemometer 

If you’re looking for the best all rounding anemometer, HoldPeak HP-866B digital anemometer is the device you might be looking for. This digital anemometer has labels on each of its buttons that makes it very instructive to the customers to understand the device within seconds just by glancing at the device. It is a rather traditional design in the anemometer’s market. The device also has different grips on its every side which helps the customers in catching the device with more clutch and firmly

This model also has a screw hole at the bottom of the device. These screw holes help you in mounting your product on a tripod with a lot of other products in the market that do not offer it. Moreover, this device also has a big screen that helps in showing the numbers be seen big enough that directly helps the customer in reading the data. It is the most multifunctional anemometer you can find in the market that measures wind, speed, temperature and wind chill. The wind speed range of this device is approximately 0.3 to 30 m/s.
HoldPeak HP-866B Digital Anemometer also only requires a 9-volt battery to operate.

This anemometer also has a low battery indicator that warns the user when the battery is depleting. This device also has a backlight which helps customers in obtaining and reading the data even in the dark. Its sensitivity feature makes it a little prone to damage. Hence, it is recommended to handle this device carefully.

  • Presence of low battery indicator
  • Backlight that helps reading in the dark
  • Data can be obtained in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Multifunctional device
  • Slightly tough to get used to

2. BTMETER Digital Wind Speed Anemometer Handheld (BT-100APP)

BTMETER is one of the best handheld anemometer producing companies. You may want to opt the BTMETER BT-100APP if your primary reason to opt for an anemometer is for sports. This device gives all the appropriate information the customer wants regarding the wind flow, humidity, and also the temperature. This device is extremely lightweight and it is very portable and could be carried anywhere without any problems.

BTMETER BT-100APP is mostly preferred for sporting activities such as archery, long-range shooting, kite-flying, cycling etc. This device also has a very traditional design and on the buttons are the instructions that are very clear that could be understood only by having a glance on the device. It is very easy to use this device and has a very good battery life. Apart from these features, this device can also be connected to your Android phone iPhone or iPad via a wireless Bluetooth connection so all the data could also be transmitted on your electronic device.

The wind speed range of this anemometer is 0.67 – 67.1 mph. All the results are displayed on the LCD screen that is huge and makes it easy to read the data obtained. This device also has a backlight that helps the customer in reading the data even in the dark. Moreover, the data can be obtained in both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales. This device is also very famous among agricultural purposes due to its multifunctional purposes.

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Clear Digital Display
  • Turns off automatically when not in use
  • Bluetooth connectivity available/li>
  • Slightly tough to use in heavy sunlight

3. Proster Anemometer Portable Wind Speed Meter (MS6252A)

The Proster MS6252A digital anemometer comes with the multi-unit switching function, that includes reading hold, maximum, minimum, etc. As mentioned in the name, this device is mostly preferred for easier operations. The Proster MS6252A is a highly reliable and one of the easiest devices to operate without breaking a sweat. It only requires a 9-volt battery to operate this device and along it comes the low battery indicator and the auto power off and on function

The design of the device is very classic and it comes with a large screen LCD. This device also has a backlight that enables the customers to read and obtain the data even in the dark. This product also has a special feature of holding the data of the previous reading so people can come back and read the data anytime they want. The design is also very straightforward and very portable for the customers to carry around without any discomfort. This is usually common among the people who fly drones. They receive an accurate reading of wind speed. 

For people who enjoy such sport, this device is the most preferred one as it gives very much accurate reading in a breeze. The device also has buttons that tell the customers all the instructions they will need so customers can understand what button to press without having to take a look at the manual. Its battery life is not as great as the other two anemometers, however, this is surely a device you would want to have for your sports.

  • The anemometer shows data even in the dark because of the backlight
  • It is easy to carry around
  • Has a solid impact resistant body
  • It comes with a low battery indicator/li>
  • You cannot read the temperature using this product

4. Proster Handheld Wind Speed Meter Anemometer (TL0017)

Proster TL0017 digital LCD renders all the important features which contribute to make their device the best handheld anemometer. This device is one of the most affordable devices with a large LCD screen. Speed can be measured in wind force scale and this device also has a wind chill indicator. This device also holds all the data that was recorded in the previous conditions that could be used by the customer for comparison in the near future. This feature also enables the user to record the data and look at the measurements later that he missed due to his preoccupation.

Moreover, the device comes with Lithium metal batteries. This device has been known for a considerable amount of low battery life compared to the other great devices on the market but this does not indicate for you to sleep on this remarkable product. This device is very lightweight and portable that makes it very suitable for the customers to carry it around for activities like camping, hiking or even fishing. It has a very straightforward design and has only two buttons with a label on them. 

The device comes with a rubber case that makes the device less vulnerable to harsh conditions. This device can measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings which the previous could not. So this device is considered an upgrade that you might want to acknowledge. 

  • Quite portable
  • Comes with a wind chill indicator
  • The product is packed with a rubber case
  • Data can be obtained in Celsius and Fahrenheit/li>
  • Battery backup could’ve been better

5. HoldPeak HP-866A Digital Anemometer

This model of HoldPeak has an exciting variety of features, unlike the other devices. HoldPeak HP-866A comes with a USB port that enables the customers to transfer data from their handheld device to their computers or laptops via the USB. This device measures temperature, humidity, dew point and accurate wind speed. The wind speed is said to be measured in 5 different units and wind flow in CFM, CMM, CMS. All the data can be analysed via the computer or laptop. 

This device also has a screw hole at the bottom of it which allows it to be mounted on a tripod and so in the meantime, users can engage in other activities without having to worry about measuring the data. This feature makes this device a stand out anemometer that you might want to consider. This device also has a low battery indicator that warns the users about the device being run out of charge and they might want to change the batteries.

This device is very much suitable for multi-purposes and gives out very accurate readings. This device also comes with the advertising of 6 in 1 which precisely means that this device can measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, Dew Point, the air volume and the last feature of this device is the USB port which is significantly explained in the upper lines. On top of all of this, you also get a one-year warranty and a lifelong technical support from the staff.

  • The product provides a quick measurement for analysis of weather conditions
  • Presence of low battery indicator
  • Multifunctional anemometer
  • Celsius / Fahrenheit are easily adjustable
  • Backlight timer goes off every 15 minutes

Things To Consider Before Buying An Anemometer

If you are unsure about the product you want to buy, just have a look at our buyer’s guide because it will help you make a decision. This guide will cut down your hard work of researching to buy an anemometer. We have narrowed down the most important characteristics you’d want to look at. This guide will help you slim your list and make it very easy for you to buy your new anemometer. 

  • Brand

Before picking an anemometer, you have to make sure that your product has received a lot of positive reviews worldwide. Now, this is only achieved if the product comes from a reputed brand that has earned the trust of a lot of customers who have used their product. Sometimes with the product also comes a warranty which may help you in the short run if there is any defect in your device. So this is a key feature you have to keep in your mind before you make the purchase. Make sure the anemometer is from a reputed brand.

  • Specifications

Customers should take a look at the complete specifications of the anemometer they want to purchase. This is by far the most important feature customers must keep in their mind. For example, for long-range shooting, customers might want a more accurate type of anemometers to sharpen their skills rather than anemometers that have a little or more variation in measuring. Experts advise the customers to look for units that have accuracy ratings of around +/-5%. Another major factor to consider is wind speed response; reliable units usually have wind speed reporting of above 0-100 mph and fast responses between readings. Also, make sure that the device is giving you responses quickly rather than giving lagged results.

Best Handheld Anemometers In 2020

  • Cost

There are a lot of anemometers customers can purchase depending upon the money they can spend on them. It is very obvious that the more money you spend on the highest end of features you may obtain with the device. However, some budget-friendly options could help the customer in a number of ways. Last but not the least sometimes some accessories can help the customers as well, for example, some units can be attached to a tripod or a Lanyard or another surface, but it may end up costing them a few more bills.

  • Design

Before purchasing your device, you must also make sure that your device has a good grip and can survive the harshest of temperatures. It should be the least of your worries but still should be in the corner of your head before making the purchase. Some products are waterproof, while some products are durable and some of them are extremely portable. All of these qualities altogether influence the decision of being the best anemometer. So these are some basic things you might want to look at after covering the first three important features. You may also want to look at products that have a big LCD so that it is easy to read the measured data.

Maintenance Tips While Using An Anemometer

When buying an anemometer, it is an important element to keep in mind that your device is built with durability to survive the worst conditions if they may follow. Half the task will be cut down if you pick the right device with the right durability.

However, here are some maintenance tips you must keep in mind according to the experts: 

  • As anemometers are usually exposed to harsh weathers, users should take proper care of them. You should check the maximum wind speed and minimum temperature your anemometer can withstand.
  • You could also buy a case cover that may protect your device. In adventurous activities like hiking or boating, it is best if you consider covering your device with a case. You may also want to consider a waterproof unit when going boating as your device may be vulnerable to have a splash of water on it while the activity happens. 
  • Anemometers with automatic off buttons to extend battery life and low-battery indicators are more widely used and advised by experts to purchase because they tend to improve usability and user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is an anemometer?

An anemometer is a wind speed meter. The main goal of this device is to measure wind with the side benefit of showing dew points, temperatures, and some of them even display date and times. Anemometers may come in all sorts of sizes that may seem portable to different users. Some of them are portable handheld anemometers which are mostly prefered while the others are built in and affixed to buildings as a part of weather stations. So basically, it all depends on the work you have to do with the anemometer.

Q. What units of measurement do anemometers provide?

There are many different measuring units of an anemometer. Different models display different data, whereas some products do double-duty and help the users in showing different units in the same device. However, these are the few units that an anemometer can measure:

1. MPH (miles per hour)
2. Km/H (kilometres per hour)
3. Knots (for sailing or windsurfing)
4. Feet per minute
5. Meters per second
6. Beaufort scale (a specialized wind speed measurement)

Q. How big is an anemometer?

As previously mentioned, Anemometers come in many sizes from big as to be installed on rooftops to as small as a pocket device all depending upon what the user wants. Its size entirely varies upon what purpose the customer may want the anemometer for. In cases like long-range shooting, fishing, hiking we suggest you buy a portable device so that it is easier to carry and obtain data within a matter of seconds without any discomfort and carry it anywhere you like. However, some models may be as big as a chest that will provide you with more accurate and more sophisticated data.

Q. How much do anemometers cost?

The more you spend, the better the features you may receive with the product. You may find a very durable model, or a model that measures very precisely, or a model that all rounds. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

Q. How accurate are anemometers?

Different anemometers have different accuracy rates. It may be no surprise when we say that the more expensive models will provide you with better accuracy in obtaining the data. The more expensive the unit, the more accurate you can expect it to be. A common handheld model with decent quality anemometer accuracy range is within ±3%. This range means that if the wind is blowing at 15 miles per hour, the unit might register anywhere between 14.4 mph and 15.6 mph, so it is fairly accurate for most purposes the customer wants it for.

A Final Word

When it comes to a gadget like an anemometer, it is always tricky to purchase the right product as per the customer’s convenience. We, as a team, have researched and put in front of you the finest of models that are the best you could find in the market at the moment. The hard part of selecting an anemometer is eliminated with the features, pros & cons given in the article, but it still depends on what you find convenient among the top five we recommend. We narrowed down this list of top five by taking into consideration the issues such as budget problems, or products that are less durable or not long-lasting. With this article in your hand, all that is left for you to do is order one anemometer online and wait for it to show up on your doorstep for wondrous results.

On an ending note, we’d personally recommend you to buy:

It is the best all-rounder anemometer you can find in the market at the moment. It has a very traditional design and all the buttons are very instructively labelled for its users to understand.

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