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The quality of air plays a significant role in deciding our comfort level at home. Not only does it help in keeping our mood fresh but also elevates our performance levels. Air quality is affected by the humidity level present at our place. And to track the humidity levels at one’s household, we can use a hygrometer.

As per reports, having extremely high or low humidity in a room, building, warehouse, or any enclosed place can affect your health. For that, having a digital hygrometer can be a lending help. The instrument will monitor the humidity level and warn you, secure your life and animal life too.

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The market is flooded with a variety of hygrometers, but selecting the best among the enormous options is quite confusing. However, this article will assist you in getting a suitable one for your place as we will be listing

Editor’s Picks: 3 Of The Best Hygrometers In 2023

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What Is A Hygrometer?

Also known as a humidity gauge, a hygrometer measures the air’s humidity level. In other words, the instrument is used to monitor and measure the moisture in the environment by calculating the air pressure and the temperature changes.

Hygrometers have the following types:

  • Electrical or digital
  • Mechanical Hygrometers
  • Psychrometers
  • Dew point Hygrometers

Digital hygrometers are the most advanced hygrometers out there at the moment. It can be used in many places, including industrial premises, outdoor spaces, and greenhouse, for the perfect and accurate humidity calculations. The indoor advantages of digital Hygrometer are: monitors wine cellars, keeps the storage places free from moisture.

Best Hygrometer Reviews 2023

Our experts have conducted an in-depth analysis of hygrometers and found some best ones for you. So, here is a list of products that we personally liked:

1. Temp Stick Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The Temp Stick Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Sensor is undoubtedly the top pick on our list. It has a sensor for both humidity and temperature conditions. As the name suggests, it can connect to a wireless network. Therefore, you will get a text or E-Mail when the level of moisture and temperature increases than your set limits.

The product is developed in the United States and is quite a versatile one to hold considering that it monitors the environment condition from anyplace. It is flexible and can be placed and set up in some minutes. The Temp Stick works on 2 AA batteries and has an alert if the battery is low.

As per the reports, the battery’s life is around 6-12 months, depending upon its working. Our expert’s report says that this hygrometer was highly reliable and accurate; it starts its operation at – 40 degrees F to 140 degrees F. It keeps an energetic track of humidity (From 0 to 100 %). The original product has attractive features and also comes with a dedicated app for both iPhone and Android users.

  • Embedded with Wi-Fi connection
  • Highly accurate
  • No subscription charges
  • Fast setup
  • Intuitive apps
  • Delayed reports at times

2. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer & Hygrometer

The SensorPush Wireless Thermometer & Hygrometer is an excellent product to monitor the humidity level at your place. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and is 325-foot in size. Without any hurdles, it detects the humidity levels quite accurately.

You can connect through Wi-Fi by purchasing a Wi-Fi gateway device which can be then used to receive alerts. Though a Wi-Fi Gateway is a little expensive and bulky, it is definitely worth the investment. In concern to readings, SensorPush is charged up and takes reading without any pause.

It can store data of up to 20 days in it, so if you plan on going away for a while, after returning home, you can check out the data just by reconnecting the device. Like the Temp stick, the SensorPush also has its own app, which can be used by iPhone or Android users.

With its versatility and flexibility, the device can easily monitor limitless statistics. The device has a quick setup, and its sensors operate on a coin cell battery of CR2477 with a battery life of a single year. It also has a Swiss crafted sensing parts that assures exact and reliable measurements.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Quite accurate
  • Stores up to 20 days of data
  • Wi-Fi gateway adds on the pricing

3. Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer

Hygrometers are quite commonly used in a humidor, a place of storing large quantities of cigars in a controlled place. If you are looking for one for the same purpose, we recommend the Caliber 4R Gold Hygrometer.

It is an advanced and affordable humidity sensing device with an accuracy level similar to hygrometers used in laboratories. It is compact and elegant with a unique design. In other words, it comes out to be a perfect choice for the humidor. It can measure the +/- 1 % RH within the 20-90% range.

It is factory calibrated, though you can alter the calibrations as per the requirement. The device has been paired with the digital display. It helps you in monitoring humidity levels and the exact temperature, with an average temperature or humidity level of the last three days (high and low).

  • Unique design
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Safeguards magnetic mount
  • The display makes it tough to read

4. Ambient Weather WS -10-X4 Wireless Thermo – Hygrometer

The Ambient Weather WS -10-X4 Wireless Thermo – Hygrometer is perfect for multitasking, and filled with enormous features, including four remote sensors, central indoor console. It can connect to almost 8 sensors in one go. The best part is the humidity and temperature readings that showcase on every sensor not to mention the dedicated sensor that the console has as well.

It works with a wireless signal, with 100 feet transmission range depending on the conditions. The device would be a great deal to grab if you want to monitor the humidity and temperature of the whole home. The Ambient Weather has audible and visual alarms; if the temperature succeeds your set limit, the alarm will tell you. Try out the device by placing it anywhere in the wine cellar, storeroom, basement, or humidor; it will monitor all the places.

  • Compatibility with indoors and outdoors
  • 8 sensor connectivity
  • Give alerts if temperature or Humidity exceeds the set limits
  • Reading becomes easy
  • Limited range in wireless signals

5. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer

Western Humidor crafted Caliber IV; it is quite similar to the Caliber 4R. The only difference among the two is: display. The Caliber IV has a digital display, whereas the Caliber 4R has a combination of digital and analog display, making it more stylish.

The functions and product specifications are the same as the 4R. Both products have high accuracy up to +/- 1% RH and have the ultimate potential to recalibrate sensors. 

The product is a compact and slim device with a reliable magnetic mount, which easily fits the humidor. The device makes measurement easy by measuring humidity levels and temperature and takes a record of 3 days measurements ( high, low, and average).

  • High accuracy rate
  • Quite compact in size
  • Safe-going magnetic mount
  • Factory calibrated with high potential to recalibrate
  • No alert options

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hygrometer

Here are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a personal digital hygrometer:

Application for use

Purchasing the best hygrometer for humidity monitoring depends on your planning where to plant the device. What are you looking for? The best home humidity monitor or the greenhouse hygrometer or the optimum device for cigars. Watch out the below applications and then buy a digital hygrometer.

For home purpose

The digital hygrometer for home use or a cigar humidor, as both are different in terms of precision. You have to consider your exact demand, including whether you opt for multiple room monitoring or a single room one. If you like to know about outdoor conditions, we recommend hygrometers that come with multiple sensors. If not, compact hygrometers are the way to go.


If you are a music instrument lover, buying a hygrometer will be a good choice for you. Guitars are a great example of an instrument that requires humidity control. If the humidity level is high in the guitar case, the guitar will get damaged. So protecting it from humidity, requires a digital hygrometer.


Want to keep your reptiles happy and healthy? Then you must keep track of humidity and temperature. For that, you need to monitor the terrarium. It is better to keep an eye on your pet and research if they are comfortable in low humidity levels or what their ideal survival temperature is.

While opting for a particular product, you can go for a thermometer/hygrometer combination. But be sure that it suits the measurement needs. Forex- if your pet is staying in a colder area or basking area, you have to get home two devices, to monitor both areas.


Taking care of the plants in the greenhouse needs your time. But now you can save immense time by getting the best digital hygrometer. Your plants thrive on getting relieved from the harsh climate. Now, the digital hygrometer assists you in controlling the level of humidity. So, before making a purchase, check out the correct conditions of your greenhouse and then get the right Hygrometer.

Accuracy of the product

The above explanation has surely taught you that accuracy is an important concern in depicting the correct humidity device for you. What do you need? A precise hygrometer or you can go for a standard and pocket-friendly device. While evaluating device features, be sure that you must check the accuracy ranges and ratings.

Battery Life and Power Source

While shopping for the best digital Hygrometer, you have to make a decision wisely and check the device power source and battery life. You want to have a wireless device or plugin that would work for you. If your demand is for wireless, then what variety of battery and battery life are you expecting?

Remote Monitoring and Alerts

Newer generation hygrometers provide the feature of emote monitoring and giving alerts, so that you can get the details of your place in an app, and get alerts when the temperature or humidity exceeds or goes below the set numbers.

As per our records, the Temp Stick will do wonders as it has Wi-Fi connectivity and can deliver the remote potentials. The best part of the this device is 24×7 monitoring ability to eliminate the extra expense to your possessions.

The devices with remote monitoring have flagged its demand in the market, check the innovative features, and check whether you can get alerts and can be used by many users.

Additional Sensor Support

Want to monitor multiple locations at one time? Then you must book a hygrometer with the inbuilt ability to connect extra sensors to the central system.  You have to consider first, which are the areas you want to monitor, and focus on the distance between them, as most of the devices work within a limited range.

NIST Certification

Go for NIST certification as it is a nationally recognized calibration standard to certify hygrometers. If you’re placing an order for your industry uses, then the hygrometer must satisfy the ISO certifications and requirements of the working regulatory body as certification is the proof of device reliability and traceability.


The foremost factor is the price of the device must match up to your pockets. Price plays a vital role in evaluating the features and accuracy of the product. For eg, a featured smartphone app and remote monitoring expensive hygrometer is more worth it then a small and inexpensive one.

How To Adjust The Level Of Humidity In A Closed Environment?

Adjusting the humidity level in an enclosed atmosphere demands more accurate indoor hygrometer devices to optimally measure the humidity level. Eg – in a guitar, food container, or in a cigar humidor. But the main question that strives in the customer’s mind is how to adjust the humidity level if there are no suitable conditions.

The Boveda Humidity Control packs are launched in the market. The innovative product works with patented technology that resides in the packs. It eliminates or adds on the humidity level as per the requirement, maintaining the moisture developed into each pack. The product is available in different humidity levels, initiated from 49,58, 62, 65, 69, 72. 75, and 84%.

How To Adjust The Level Of Humidity In A Closed Environment?

The Boveda has an accuracy of +/- 1 RH in an airpacked environment. Do proper research of the ideal level of the application you require and then select the needed control packs.

How To Adjust The Level Of Humidity At Your Home?

Is humidity the main reason for bad health? Yes, this is true. It is crucial to control and maintain the humid and temperature conditions at home to have good health and comfort. If the level of humidity exceeds the limit, condensation can appear on the windows and walls, which can cause mold growth and water damage. Due to low humidity, the problem of severe sinuses and dry skin occurs. Below are some ways that will increase or decrease the humidity level at your place:

Using Humidifier

In winters, humidifiers work with perfection as the air is driest, so to raise the humidity level in homes or rooms, you can use a humidifier. They are much better than conventional heaters that cause dryness and itching. We recommend you go for a large room humidifier and see its magic.

Using Dehumidifier

The product is designed for air filtration and soaking the extra moisture in the air. It makes the humidity level low in your room or home. We suggest the Dehumidifier as it can help you out in summers or storage places, basements, or moisture-rich places. You can check out the list of Dehumidifiers and get one that suits you.

Green plants

If you are suffering from low humidity at your place, in that case, you can grow more plants. As the water inside the plants evaporates, the overall humidity in your room wil increase.

Open windows

In the spring or fall season, the best way to regulate humidity is to open windows so that the natural air will cool down your home and lessen the humidity. It also regulates the outside Humidity to regulate the indoor one.

Turn on the air conditioner

Air conditioners will inevitably cool down the home by regulating the level of Humidity. So AC will work to lessen the Humidity and increase cooling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a hygrometer used for?

Hygrometers provide us with the calculation and calibration of pressure and temperature changes. This results in the moisture value in the air. It is quite helpful in tracking the humidity levels of an area.

Q. Are hygrometers easy to use?

Yes, most hygrometers are both easy to install and setup. If you get a digital one, it is basically child’s play as you’ll be prompted with all the stats in an easy to read manner.

Q. Which is the most accurate Hygrometer?

Our research and market analysis says that the Caliber IV and Caliber 4 are among the top accurate devices. They can read the humidity level within +/- 1 % RH and 20-90% humidity range. 

What we have reviewed, these 2 options proved its worth by surpassing all other devices with its accuracy of almost 1% actual humidity.
Though the Temp Stick is one of the top players in Hygrometer, is almost to +/-4% RH ( with remote monitoring).

If you want to hold an affordable device with high accuracy, we suggest you to get Caliber 4 or Caliber IV. Both the models are highly impressive with +/- 1% RH, plus they are less in price, suitable for home and gives tough competition to laboratory hygrometer that comes of thousands of dollars.

Q. What types of hygrometers can you buy?

Hygrometers have the following types:

1. Electrical or digital
2. Mechanical Hygrometers
3. Psychrometers
4. Dew point Hygrometers

Q. How much humidity is too high?

Anything over 50-55% of humidity levels opens breeding grounds for molds and bacteria growth. Hence, we recommend keeping it to a figure below that.

A Final Word

When you are taking care of proper storing of artwork or monitoring cigar humidors, it is imperative that you track the humidity level of your home. For that, a digital hygrometer is developed. It will give you an accurate reading allowing you to adjust the humidity levels according to your preferences.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

Although a little expensive, it comes with innovative features, including built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, temperature monitor plus, and intuitive apps. The company also doesn’t demand any subscription fees so you’ll be saving a lot in the long run.

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