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Rain is unprecedented, and may fall anytime you see dense clouds hovering in the sky. Nobody likes to experience rain without being well prepared for it. Most of us often end up drenching ourselves when we are outdoors, and rain falls almost suddenly. It is not possible to carry raincoats or umbrellas everywhere, because to be honest, they count as another baggage, and most of us might forget to carry it to different places, and end up misplacing them. However, some of the weather enthusiasts out there absolutely love to see the raindrops fall, and measure how much it has been raining over a period of time. While some of us want the rain to stop as soon as possible so we can head out and do our chores, there are some who want it to rain for a longer period of time, so it gets pleasant and all breezy out there. But how to measure rain and how much has it been raining? You just cannot keep a bucket and let it fill to measure how much it has rained. Hence, there needs to be an instrument that can help you do exactly that.

Best Wireless Rain Gauges In 2020

Rain gauges are the perfect instruments to do so. They are instruments that can be used to measure rain and how much it has rained over a period of time almost accurately. They help in measuring the precipitation over a stipulated time period on a particular surface. What started off as just an instrument for weather journalists and reporters to measure and predict rainfall, has become a tool for the general public, farmers and institutions to install in their area and carry out several functions using it. Installing a rain gauge helps in measuring the rainfall in terms of height, and how much water accumulates in a container. It usually calculates and analyses the rain in millimetres (mm). Some of the modern-day rain gauges even come with self-emptying containers, and store the data for future reference. Choosing an appropriate rain gauge, however, is extremely important and you should always pick the most accurate instruments in the market.

Editor’s Picks: 3 Of The Top Wireless Rain Gauges In 2023

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5 Best Wireless Rain Gauges In 2023 Reviewed

1. AcuRite 00899 Wireless Rain Gauge

AcuRite 00899 Wireless Rain Gauge with Self-Emptying Collector is perhaps one of the best wireless rain gauges you can get from the market. It is fast, reliable and extremely accurate. So much so that it sends data from the outdoor rain collector to the internal rain display within 16 seconds. And if you live in an area where heavy rain can lead to flooding, it tells you exactly if the current situation can lead to flooding. 

The self-emptying rain gauge has become one of the pioneers in the market, all due to its strong transmission technology and real time rainfall alerts. It comes along with a rain alarm that prompts you when the rain starts falling down. So you do not need to be worried about those clothes that you have left outside or if there is some heavy machinery that needs to be protected from the rain. 

With a comprehensive data storing feature, the Acurite Wireless Rain Gauge stores data of present rain, last day or even a week. So if you are somebody who likes to do gardening on your off days and do not know if it is the right moment for you to water your garden because it rained heavily last night, then this rain gauge can come handy. It will help you analyse the rain that has happened over the last few hours and if there is a need for you to water your plants or not. AcuRite Wireless Rain Gauge is extremely easy to set up and comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Sends a real time update every 16 seconds
  • Easy to mount and hang anywhere
  • Comes with a variety of useful push notifications for possible natural calamities, etc.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Wireless range is up to 75m only

2. La Crosse Technology 724-1710 Wireless Rain Gauge

The La Crosse Technology 724-1710 Wireless Rain Gauge has a self-emptying rain bucket that features tilting cups that can empty it almost instantly. It even has a thermometer that can help in temperature readings if required. It is sturdy, reliable and capable of not losing its position in the heaviest of hailstorms or rains.

With an ability to store a long Rainfall history, the La Crosse Wireless Rain Gauge can even contain data of even a month. So you do not need to take manual readings if you want to check how much it rained on a particular day of the month. It sports a rainfall alert and precipitation alarm which beeps every time it starts raining outside. With a wireless transmission technology of up to 915 MHZ, the rain gauge has perhaps the best networking reach. It has a weather resistant sensor that sends data to the internal display almost instantly, and on top of that, accurately. If the aforementioned features were not enough, La Crosse Technology Wireless Rain Gauge even has the ability to display rain graphs from months ago. 

It can take accurate measurements of up to 99.99 inches (999.9 mm). The table standing indoor display further adds to the elegance and flexibility of the whole system. Hence, if you are looking for a wireless rain gauge that sends real time updates, has an accurate functioning and stores data for longer periods, La Crosse Wireless Rain Gauge is one of the best bets!

  • Features a comprehensive rainfall history graph
  • Sends customizable rain alerts regularly.
  • Prompts when battery is low.
  • The front display only measures till 2 inches

3. Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station

Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station is perhaps one of those rain gauges that have tried to incorporate the latest technology. With proper positioning, this rain gauge is capable of storing up to 10 days, and you do not have to take manual readings, as it does almost everything for you.It has an accurate measurement and takes a reading of as low as 1.02 mm, for those who want to always stay on track. 

Its temperature remote sensor also sends real time readings until 100 feet and gives you an accurate reading of what the current temperature is. All you need to do is check the rain gauge every day on a fixed time and then make your calculations regarding total precipitation. You do not need to worry about going without preparation anymore, as the Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge will alert you on its digital display if rain is about to fall. Just keep the rain gauge in an open area, without any barriers in between and let it measure every drop of rain accurately. It will send real time updates on your indoor display and will help you keep track of how much it has precipitated over a given period of time. 

Data related to daily rainfall and cumulative rainfall is stored over nine days on the main display unit. Such prompts and real time alerts will also help you set a timer and also analyze how much watering does your garden acquire. This will help you prevent waterlogging and damping. So if you own a garden or a farm and are looking for an accurate rain gauge, the Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge should be on your list.

  • Helps in easy calculation of total precipitation
  • Accurate measurement and comprehensive reading scale
  • Sends customized alerts and prompts
  • Does not have a low/high temperature feature

4. ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision Digital Rain Gauge

ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision Digital Wireless Rain Gauge has become one of the market leaders, courtesy of the plethora of features that it has. The rain gauge is very accurate, as it even measures rain precipitation with 0.1mm resolution, which will help you record perhaps the most accurate figures. It even measures indoor temperature along with humidity. 

You will not have any double thoughts if you look at the data history that ECOWITT Wireless Rain Gauge stores. With its comprehensive mechanics, the rain gauge displays rain rate and total rainfall ranging from the last hour to even monthly and yearly records. It also stores 24 months rain history, for all those weather enthusiasts out there. Hence, your decision making is bound to be simplified if you get this wireless rain gauge, which will help you measure how much water needs to be released for your crops in the backyard. The information will also help you figure out how much watering is further required for your plants. 

On top of that, ECOWITT Wireless Rain Gauge’s programmable rain alarm will send you customized alerts in the way you set them to be. It will send you alerts if any situations that might cause flood to arise, or if your water sprinklers need to be turned OFF. The rain gauge also has a self-emptying collector that empties itself whenever a reading is taken, to ensure that you do not need to manually empty it. The display station can also be wall-mounted, which further increases its ease of use.

  • Stores rainfall history for a really long time
  • Has a self-emptying collector
  • Sends customized alerts for particular situations
  • Works on alkaline batteries that may last only for 12 months

5. AcuRite 01089M Rain Gauge

Acurite 01089 Rain Gauge is an upgrade to the standard 00899 Wireless Rain Gauge and comes with a thermometer that measures indoor temperature. The rain gauge takes accurate measurements and sends the data to your indoor display almost seamlessly.

The all-weather temperature sensor is capable of measuring outdoor conditions without any flaws. And if you are wondering that this rain gauge would not have the mechanism to store data of more than one month, then you are wrong. This rain gauge can store rainfall data of the present year and even the previous year. Acurite 01089 Rain Gauge sends oncoming storm alerts, and prompts whenever a flooding situation might arise. You can monitor rainfall, temperature and humidity right at your home and do not need to head out. Its rainfall indicator shows the total rainfall collection up to 1 inch.

Hence, the wireless rain gauge provides almost every rain related information that you need for your garden or farm. With the help of AcuRite 01089M Rain Gauge, you will know how much watering do your plants need, or for how long you should run your water sprinklers.

  • Has a thermometer that measures indoor temperature
  • Its storm alert indicates a drop in pressure and if any storms are approaching
  • Sends customized alerts and prompts
  • It does not have a leaf or debris filter

Things To Consider Before Buying A Rain Gauge

You cannot purchase the first wireless rain gauge that you come across, and proper research is required before you go about making a purchase. There are several factors that need to be considered, and a wireless rain gauge should always be bought after looking at what you expect from it. There is a Unique Selling Point of every wireless rain gauge, and that should be the base of your purchase. Most of us do not like to change or purchase a product again because it has been damaged or has stopped working. Hence, these are the following things that need to be considered before buying a wireless rain gauge:

  • Measurement & accuracy

If you are buying a rain gauge, you should always look for one which is accurate and error-free. Rain gauges also come in different measuring principles. Some of the rain gauges are self-emptying and most commonly used. Some rain gauges measure at a broader value while several of them measure at a minimal value and are focussed on providing the most accurate information. As the mechanism changes, the accuracy and precision also alter along with it. Hence, always pick a rain gauge according to the precision that you need. This will make sure you are buying the right product.

  • Size

Rain gauges come in different sizes. They can be chosen on the basis of purpose and how much rain you expect it to carry before it is emptied. Bigger rain gauges can be used for vast fields or farms and will definitely help you measure a large quantity. Larger rain gauges also mean more accuracy and less error. However, they might be more expensive than the standard sized rain gauges. So always look at your budget and the area of installation if you are comparing rain gauges on the basis of size. You might not need a bigger rain gauge if you own a small backyard garden or just some plants.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Rain Gauge

  • Resolution

Rain gauge resolution means the smallest amount of rain that the rain gauge can measure. This means the value which is enough for it to determine that it has started raining. Some rain gauges even measure small-term precipitation while some take only the larger values into account.

  • Mounting height

It is important to know what mounting height does a rain gauge require. Mounting height is the height at which the rain gauge needs to be placed. The ideal height is 1.5m, but it can be changed accordingly. Some rain gauges need to be placed at ground level, while some can be placed at some height.

  • Design & material

Considering the design of different rain gauges before purchasing one is essential. The design of a rain gauge is usually like a beaker, but it might also be like a bottle. It alters according to the holding capacity and how much precipitation it can carry. When it comes to the material used, some rain gauges are made of stainless steel, while some might be made up of polycarbonate, aluminium or copper. It should be designed in such a way that it does not cause the water to evaporate, which might harm your actual readings and cause an error.

  • Warranty

Warranty is an important point to consider. Most of the rain gauges that are available in the market stop working if the temperature changes. Some even start showing different values than the actual, which might cause an imbalance. Not everyone can afford to purchase a rain gauge every few months, and most of us look for a sturdy option. Hence, we should always purchase rain gauges that have at least one year of warranty, so that we can replace them if they cause an error.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can big rain gauges be used in backyards and gardens?

Yes, rain gauges that are larger in size usually have a higher accuracy in comparison to those with smaller size. You do not need to worry about the size of the backyard because even the largest of rain gauges do not take that much space. Only make sure that there is no obstruction above your instrument.

Q. Do rain gauges come with mounting brackets?

Yes, most of the rain gauges come with a mounting bracket and have a screw attached to them. You can fix them wherever you want, at a substantial height.

Q. Do these rain gauges come with leaf/debris guards?

No, these rain gauges do not come with debris guards, and you should try to set them up only at open places, and keep checking them for any debris or leaves that may get stuck and hamper the actual values.

Q.  Do these rain gauges measure wind speed?

No, you cannot measure wind speed using rain gauges. You need to get additional equipment for that. Rain gauges help in only measuring the total precipitation over a particular period of time.

Q. Does rain gauges record high and low temperature history for both inside and outside?

This varies from instrument to instrument. While some rain gauges record temperature history, some save storage space and show only the current temperature. Temperature is displayed by only those rain gauges that come with a thermometer. Hence, ensure that you look at these factors before making a purchase.

Q. Do these rain gauges measure temperature in Celsius, or in Fahrenheit?

Most of the rain gauges of today have an option to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Thus, you can set it according to your preference and do not need to look for conversion charts.

Q. Can rain gauges be attached to a wooden fence?

Yes, rain gauges can be attached to a wooden fence. But ensure that you do not place them below trees, which might cause an error in precipitation values.

A Final Word

Rain gauges become necessary for those who own vast fields, gardens, and backyards. Choosing an appropriate wireless rain gauge is really important. They not only come handy in calculating the total precipitation, but also help you in understanding rain patterns, humidity, and even temperature. Hence, if you are looking for a wireless rain gauge, go for the one which is robust, versatile and has a variety of features.

An ideal rain gauge has long data storing capacities and can keep data of more than a year. It should have a decent range and should not drop network according to changing weather. Most of us often are confused if getting a rain gauge should be the priority, or it can be avoided. However, it should be noted that rain gauges are one of the handiest instruments that can be set up in a garden. As they calculate the total precipitation accurately, they help you judge how much watering does your crops require, or when the sprinklers need to be turned off. This will further ensure that you do not end up watering too much water.

On an ending note, we’d personally recommend you to buy:

The fact that it sends frequent rain alerts and prompts when the battery is low makes it the perfect choice to consider. To top it off, it also comes with a rainfall history graph which is helpful to the users.

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