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Knowing about the weather conditions is very vital information that we all should have. But getting a perfect reading is a real problem. Undoubtedly, the weather plays a very important role in our daily life. Knowing the forecast helps you to plan your schedule as it saves money on electricity or gas bills. It also helps us plan the programs for a day in advance. We need a device that can do the job for us and that too with pinpoint accuracy. Most of the traditional thermometers that are used in homes are not high-end ones. You may have encountered the problem of inaccuracy or breaking easily. Also, these thermometers only give you the present temperature details, without keeping any record stored. On the other hand, we use various other applications to check the weather condition and temperature details. The problem with these applications is that these only give you the reading of a certain area due to which you fail to get the perfect report on the temperature of your place.

There are indoor outdoor thermometers that come with outdoor sensors that you can place outside. These sensors then send a wireless signal to the main unit, installed inside. Thus, the main unit shows you the reading- both outdoor and indoor. These thermometers are not any typical indoor/outdoor thermometer, but rather a complete home weather station. It’s accurate and has an extensive list of functions that impress even the biggest weather enthusiasts. One very alluring fact is that, unlike traditional thermometers at home, these indoor-outdoor thermometers do their job beyond just showing the temperature & humidity.

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers In 2020

Finding the best such thermometer that you can rely on is a job easier said than done. But you can now completely relax as the best indoor outdoor thermometer reviews in 2023 will help you to find the best thermometers which are well priced, efficient, and accurate. These thermometers do not merely show you temperature updates but also come with many extra features that may help you to keep a track of weather records so that when you go out next time, you can know whether you have to take an umbrella or wear just a vest. We also have given a proper guide that may help you when you have to buy an Indoor Outdoor Thermometer. We hope that, by the end of this, you would be able to find the best device for yourself.

Editor’s Picks: 3 Of The Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers In 2023

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5 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers In 2023 Reviewed

1. AcuRite 75077A3M Self-Learning Forecast Wireless Weather Station Thermometer

AcuRite has a huge reputation in the manufacturing of high-quality weather devices. The AcuRite 75077A3M is one of our top choices and comes first on our list. This Indoor Outdoor Thermometer is a digital display thermometer that comes with many features like calendar, time, weather forecasting. We have noticed a very good accuracy of forecasting with this thermometer. The display of the device is very alluring and easily understandable. So, you can have a glance over the weather forecast easily before going out. 

The thermometer uses Radio signals to synchronize time with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This thermometer has an inbuilt atomic clock that gives you a correct time with split-second precision. The calendar also updates itself automatically. 

This is a self-calibrating and self-teaching weather station that uses patented technology to provide a personal weather forecast for 12 to 24-hour weather conditions. With our usage, we faced no information clutter at all. The monochromatic display is very well organized, sharp and everything is just neatly presented. All the numbers on the display are big enough to be read from at a distance. 

AcuRite 7577A3M has a very slim-profile main unit that is easily portable. You can just keep it standing on a desk or mount it on a wall. Outdoor sensors are also very portable with a self-calibrating forecasting feature. You can mount the outdoor sensors anywhere outside. It sends the temperature data wirelessly to the main unit indoor. The main indoor unit then shows you the data.

This device can send the data wirelessly up to 330 feet which is a good distance for an average-size home. But there should be no direct obstruction to the signal. You can also monitor the high-low temperature range of a day with the thermometer. It helps you to get better weather temperature forecasting for a whole day. 

The main unit of the thermometer needs 3AA Alkaline batteries and the outdoor sensors need 2AA Alkaline or rechargeable batteries each. This device is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

  • Accurate reading of the temperature
  • Large LCD display
  • In-built atomic clock
  • Portable
  • No batteries are included

2. La Crosse Technology C85845

La Crosse Technology is another famous manufacturer of such devices. La Crosse Technology C85845 is one such option for you if you don’t need all the bells and whistles but a simple Indoor Outdoor Thermometer. This comes a little cheaper than that previous one. You can simply purchase it from for $ 44.83. The Indoor Outdoor thermometer is one of the best thermometers for home use. With a simple design and user-friendly interface, this thermometer provides an accurate reading of temperature & humidity at your home, along with a forecast.

LA Crosse also provides weather forecasts. However, the barometric pressure is not displayed on the console. This device shows you indoor and outdoor temperatures separately. It has weather-station type settings for indoor/outdoor temperatures and humidity percentages, date, time, and weather forecast. The device also has a very bright and colorful display. The color screen makes it easier to read from across the room. The brightness of the display can also be adjusted. 

It’s bright LED display is divided into four parts. The outdoor temperature and humidity sections have been colored green. Indoor temperature and humidity are colored blue. The weather forecast has been indicated with 3D icons of clouds, sunshine, rain, hail, and snow. The last section is of date/time, which synchronizes with the atomic-clock signal broadcast from Colorado. This device also records barometric pressure over a week. 

La Crosse Technology C85845 has a 300 feet transmission range in the open air and without any obstruction. It receives a strong signal precisely at the highest distance. You can also set a temperature alarm on the device. This is called the hi/lo alerts. So, when the temperature touches the maximum or minimum limit, it keeps on alarming you so that you can be prepared. 

This is an extremely well-priced thermometer with all these outstanding features. This thermometer has a very slim-profile and is very portable. The device runs on AC power. However, it needs 3AA alkaline batteries as a backup. Outdoor sensors also need batteries to operate. Do use La Crosse’s radioprotection shield for the outdoor sensors. It prevents exposure from direct sunlight.

  • Color large LED display
  • Portable
  • User friendly
  • Accurate reading
  • Well priced
  • No smart home integration provided

3. ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor thermometer comes with many features including a huge touchscreen display. With an affordable price, this thermometer is nowhere less than the others while giving accurate temperature readings. The thermometer comes with a 4-inch jumbo touchscreen display. Once mounted on the wall, you don’t need to bring it down to change any settings. You can simply do everything by touching the display. Therefore, there are no issues with manual buttons. The display also features backlight support. It helps you read the console in dim-light or before going to bed. 

This device also comes with a humidity monitor that shows the indoor and outdoor humidity level so that you can know when to turn on the AC to dehumidify indoor. In the console, the temperature is also displayed in ℉ or ℃. The outdoor sensors work pretty well. You can add up to 3 outdoor sensors with the device.

ThermoPro TP65A also saves maximum and minimum Temperature records of 24 hours. It also keeps track of the maximum and minimum humidity percentage that is displayed on the humidity gauge. This record is very important to know whether the temperature is getting warmer or cooler or more humid near the remote sensor area. 

This device has 200 feet wireless transmission range without any direct obstacle. Considering the price range, this is enough transmission range provided. You can also add two additional sensors to monitor different locations.

This thermometer also comes with multiple placement options. The outdoor thermometer has a magnetic back. You can easily attach it to any metal surface or just simply hang it anywhere you want. You can even keep it on a table. Make sure there is no direct obstruction between the distance of the outdoor thermometer and the indoor console.

  • Affordable price
  • Excellent accuracy
  • 1-year warranty and a 3-year extendable warranty
  • Portable
  • Easy installation process
  • No custom alerts

4. Ambient Weather WS-08-X4 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer 

Ambient is another very well known brand. Although, this product is quite different than the ones listed above. What makes it standalone in our list of the best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers review in 2023 is that it supports up to eight remote thermo-hygrometer sensors. These eight sensors are well efficient and have many functions. These sensors will then show you the exact temperature of those particular locations which might help you to arrange things in a better way. These have proven to be quite beneficial as well. 

The indoor console gives you a very accurate reading. You also get humidity percentages on the device. It helps you to control indoor humidity. This device also has an audio and visual customizable alarm feature that you can set for your desired high and low-temperature limits. It gives you better weather forecasts and helps you plan your day better. One very interesting and, of course, highlighting feature is its display scroll mode. All the readings of the eight sensors are shown on the display. Scrolling it down is all that you have to do.

The interval period of showing temperature reading is 5 seconds. It is a great speed that you get in the device. So, you always get the exact temperature of any certain time. Also, if the device loses connection, it automatically resyncs data. The indoor-outdoor thermometer has a wireless transmission range of 300 feet of a clear line sight. All the outdoor sensors have their LCD. Since you don’t need to go indoors every time you want to check the temperature. 

Like most other Indoor Outdoor thermometers, this one too runs on batteries. You would need 4 AAA batteries for the main unit. The satellite units would need 2 AAA batteries each.

  • Gives accurate reading
  • Eight remote thermo-hygrometer sensors
  • 5 seconds interval temperature reading
  • Only shows temperature and humidity

5. AcuRite 02081M Weather Station Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The list concludes with the Indoor Outdoor Thermometer from another famous brand AcuRite. As they say, this is not accurate, rather AcuRite. AcuRite 02081M is one such example of accuracy in the market of best outdoor thermometers in 2023. AcuRite 02081M has a big color display with an extremely understandable simple user interface. The full-colored LED display works as both indoor and outdoor thermometer with 14 different icons depicting weather conditions. Therefore, you can easily plan the rest of the day at your mere glance! The letters are 8-inches wide by 6-inches tall so you can read the icons and information from a distance. The display is wall-mountable and can stand upright for tabletop use. 

The console has an atomic clock with split-second accuracy. We saw this feature on the previous  AcuRite 75077A3M. The atomic clock and calendar set to the correct time and day automatically. It also adjusts the daylight saving time. This, too, uses a radio-signal to match the time broadcasted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Radio Station WWVB. The temperature sensor can track the present indoor and outdoor temperatures in and around your home. It also displays the high and low temperature using maximum and minimum temperature measurements recorded since midnight.

AcuRite 75077A3M has self-calibrating weather forecast technology. It’s patented technology keeps records of past 14 days to give a better forecast of the changes in the weather. It measures the changes in barometric pressure that are proven more helpful in forecasting weather conditions. These technologies make this weather station simpler and userfriendly. The outdoor thermometer is one of the best outdoor thermometers in 2023. The accuracy of the sensors has amazed us. You can also hang the sensor anywhere you like.

You can place the sensor within 330 feet but there should not be any metallic obstruction in between that. The satellite sensor updates information every 16 seconds so that you can stay up to date. It gives you a 12 to 24 hours forecast.

  • Great accuracy
  • Well-priced
  • Atomic clock
  • Large colored LCD
  • The contrast of the display could be better

What Is A Thermometer?

A thermometer is a very basic device that we all use at the home daily. But when the question comes what is a thermometer, there’s always something more to know. 

A thermometer is, basically, an instrument that measures temperature. It can measure the temperature of solid things such as foods, a liquid such as water, or gas such as air. There are three measurement units for temperature: Celsius (℃), Fahrenheit (℉), and Kelvin (K). 

What Is A Thermometer?

The Indoor Outdoor Thermometer is a thermometer that gives you reading of the temperature of the indoor and outdoor of your house. These thermometers are very essential because it not only tells us the temperature update but forecasts the weather condition. 

The indoor thermometer tells us the indoor temperature details so that we can control the indoor temperature accordingly. On the other hand, the outdoor temperature details help us dress up according to the weather.

Types Of Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

There are a variety of thermometers available in the market. We have picked the mostly used ones on the list. 

  1. Glass Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

This is the most basic and widely used thermometer that you can find. These thermometers are also inexpensive and widely available. You might have seen this thermometer in any home or the garden, hanging. There is a temperature-sensitive liquid used in the glass that expands or contracts with the change of temperature. You would find a thin tube marked with temperature reading inside. You can read the temperature according to the level of the liquid. The problem with these thermometers is their accuracy. Ambient corrections are more difficult to achieve with this system and, in most cases, are not usually done. Therefore, it is not accurate as of the conventional precision thermometer. These thermometers, thus, are used for personal home purposes. 

  1. Wireless Thermometer

Wireless Indoor Outdoor thermometers are becoming more popular with the advancement of technology. Our list of best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Reviews in 2023 has mainly talked about these thermometers. Coming to the point, wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometers come with one main unit that has to be installed indoors and satellite sensors that you can place outdoor. The outdoor sensors then send temperature data to the main unit and thus you can read the temperature inside on the console. Some wireless thermometers even have LCDs on their satellite sensors as well. So, you don’t have to come indoor every time you want to check the temperature. These thermometers cost you more than the conventional ones but are more efficient and value for money. 

  1. Dial Thermometer

This is another common thermometer that you might have seen in many houses. Calling by the name, we can understand that it has something to do with dials. This thermometer works on the principle of a bimetal thermostat. It works when two metals expand and contract depending on the different rates when heated or cooled. One in-built needle is attached to the face of the dial that moves to show you the temperature reading. However, it can not measure any surface temperature. Analog dial type thermometers can be accurate but not always. These thermometers are very basic and usually have a longer lifespan

  1. Digital Thermometer

Digital indoor outdoor thermometers are also very popular. These thermometers come very cheaply as compared to the wireless ones. The thermometers use transistors to generate the process. Electricity flows through the transistor With the change of weather the flow increases or reduces accordingly. A converter then converts the flow into a temperature reading. Most digital thermometers also offer a backlight. The digital display is easy to read. You can also find different symbols indicating different weather conditions. It also shows you time and date.

  1. Weather Forecasting Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

This type of thermometers gives you more accurate reading as compared to the previous ones. The thermometers keep a record of weather change of past days and thus can forecast the weather condition of the next day. It reads data like humidity percentage, wind speed, the highest and lowest temperature of the day. This information gets stored in the main console that you can view anytime. 

  1. WiFi Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

If you want to read the temperature directly on your smartphone, then this is the type that you should consider. WiFi Indoor Outdoor thermometers use Wifi to send the temperature reading directly from the outdoor sensors to your smart device. It can be used for smart home integration. These thermometers are gradually dominating the market due to better accuracy with extra added features.

Why Do You Need An Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

The importance of keeping track of weather conditions is beyond any description and would be very unjustified to discuss in some mere words. Although, this is one of the very basic questions that occur in our mind whenever we start thinking about thermometers. While keeping medical thermometers have vital importance, we must not overlook the fact that outside temperature plays a great role in our everyday life.

The main reason to have these thermometers is that you can get an accurate reading without leaving your home. But, for that why not the apps? Because the application that we are talking about can only give you temperature details of a certain area and not specifically of your home. Also, these are not accurate at all the time. 

Why Do You Need An Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

Suppose you have a cold storage area in your home and you need to maintain the temperature there. These thermometers can do the job for you. Indoor Outdoor thermometers, in most cases, come with customizable alarms that you can set for the desired maximum and minimum temperature limits. When it goes over that limit, the alarm rings. You can use this thermometer to get accurate readings in a child’s room. Therefore, these thermometers are very useful to keep your daily life safe and planned.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

By now you may have understood how important a role these thermometers play in our daily lives. Buying just any indoor outdoor thermometer may not help you in your desired way. So,  we want you to go through it and understand all the factors that work while buying one. 

  1. Accuracy

A thermometer is credited mainly for its accuracy. The accuracy rating of indoor-outdoor thermometers are usually listed within a range, however, it still shows some margin of error such as +/- 2-degree Celsius. This much error is pretty negligible for someone who just wants to check the temperature. But, if you are someone who has more critical stuff like maintaining a greenhouse or pets cage, you might need thermometers that give you a more precise reading. 

  1. Display

While thermometers have to provide precise reading, we must not forget the importance of understanding the temperature reading, shown on the device. For this, displays play a huge role as the display is your primary interface with your wireless thermometer. Please make sure you choose a device that has a high-quality screen to avoid any frustration. Generally, the larger screens are better. Bigger screens can display information better and clearer than the smaller units. The brightness and contrast and viewing angle of the display play a huge role too. Especially when you mount it somewhere where it gets exposure to the sunlight. You can also consider the color screen for a better user interface.

  1. Barometric Pressure

Barometric pressure is the pressure caused by the weight of air above us. Air pressure generally affects the weather by influencing the movement of air around the world. More advanced indoor outdoor thermometers measure barometric pressure. Barometric pressure has a great role in depicting weather forecast. Higher barometric pressure area indicates that the air temperatures are lower and can bring blue skies while low-pressure areas generally develop clouds and precipitation. Barometric pressure has effects on arthritis and other bone and joint pain. This feature, therefore, helps to get a better and more accurate weather forecast.

  1. Transmission Range

The Indoor Outdoor Thermometers come with the main unit and satellite sensor/s. The sensors are connected wirelessly to the main unit. While mounted outside, these sensors then collect temperature data and send it to the main unit where you can see it. So, different thermometers have different transmission range. You would find a transmission range of 200-330 feet in most of the indoor outdoor thermometers. You can go for a higher range if you have a larger distance to cover. 

  1. Smart Home Integration

This is a feature that you can think of if you already have several smart devices at your home. Integrating your home with several sensors would make it simpler for you to control your thermometer just by commanding. For example, you might simply ask Alexa to update you about the temperature details and you would get it right away. However, smart home integration featured thermometers will cost you more. 

  1. Remote Monitoring

If you want to get the temperature update on your smartphone or laptop, you would need wifi-enables Indoor Outdoor thermometers. You can simply connect these thermometers via wifi and get the temperature reading from anywhere you want. However, this too is an extra feature and would surely cost you more. 

  1. Price

This is one of the most important sections that you must not overlook. The more features a thermometer consists, the more costly it becomes. Therefore, it is better to fix your budget at the very beginning and then go for choosing one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

The Indoor Outdoor thermometers mentioned above are all very well-efficient and can give you an accurate reading. What is different is that these thermometers come with different features. Therefore, make your checklist and then decide for yourself. However, we recommend you to go for AcuRite 75077A3M.

Q. How often should I calibrate a thermometer?

If you want a crucial reading, you can do it monthly or else it can be done annually. Many Indoor Outdoor thermometers come with a self-calibrating option. You can also go for those.

Q. Do I need a weather shield for outdoor sensors?

This is highly recommended to use weather shields for outdoor sensors to protect these sensors from direct exposure to the natural elements i.e. sunlight, water, etc.

Q. What is NIST?

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a standard governing body of the United States Department of Commerce which provides the reference time. The atomic clocks of AcuRite 75077A3M use a radio signal to synchronize time with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Q. How long do batteries last in an AcuRite weather station?

The batteries in AcuRite weather station last for 5 years in general. AcuRite recommends you to use high-quality,  lithium batteries for best product performance.

A Final Word

We hope that by now you’re able to find out your choice from our best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer in 2023. We also hope that you got all the answers to various queries that we face very often regarding such devices. These devices not only help us to plan our day in a better way but keeps us and our family safe and healthy. All these indoor-outdoor thermometers are among the best professional outdoor thermometers in 2023.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

AcuRite 75077A3M is one of the best Indoor Outdoor thermometers. It comes with a large LCD display and its accuracy is second to none. It is also quite portable which goes a long way.

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