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Humidity can prove to be a bigger problem than you think. Usually, the humidity will make your body feel really hot and sticky and that is when you start to sweat a lot. It is a major problem because the energy in your body gets wasted over nothing and if you are into some activities which require you to be really active physically, you will never be able to give your hundred percent for the job. Even if you are not supposed to do anything that requires a lot of physicality, you will be worn out literally for nothing. When you sit back home, you are supposed to feel the hit even more and that’s when it will really take a toll on you too. It does increase the rate of blood circulation and can lead to serious blood pressure problems for some people. Especially if there are aged people around in a place and humidity is too freaking high, you are in a situation of crisis for sure. 

Best Large Room Humidifiers In 2020

In such a situation, a humidifier comes to the rescue. A humidifier will help you out in case you are facing skin related problems. When there is humidity around, everything gets dry. If you are coughing, it will be a dry cough. Your hair tends to become dry in no time. You will get rid of dry coughing and hair issues in no time. In case you have grown a plant inside your room, it will help you in that as well. It will create a balance around you which otherwise gets affected by the humidity around you. It solves a lot of your problems which might be minute in your terminology but can have a drastic impact in the long run. That is why we recommend investing on a high-quality large room humidifier for your household.

Editor’s Picks: 3 Of The Top Large Room Humidifiers In 2023

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5 Best Large Room Humidifiers In 2023 Reviewed

1. Levoit 4L Cool Mist Humidifier

When it comes to humidifiers, Levoit has kind of caused a riot around in the market with the introduction of some really efficient products. Levoit 4L Cool Mist Humidifier happens to be one of them. The dimension of this item is 28.7 x 17.8 x 26.7 Centimeters which is really cool for a humidifier. It weighs around 4.92 pounds so it is really slick. It will cost you around $39.99 which is a pretty fare pricing that you will get for a product like this. It has a 4L large capacity so you can use it in the range of 30 to 40 hours continuously. When there is no water left with it, it goes off automatically and you can only turn it back on once you have refilled the adequate amount of water to it.

  • When there’s no water left with it, it will automatically go off
  • It can carry a huge volume
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is very easy to clean
  • When you fill it or place it somewhere else, it does leave a mess of water

2. LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom (6L)

If you’re looking for something of a high-quality model with high-quality results, LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom (6L) is the ideal choice for you. As the name suggests, it has a 6 litre tank which means there’s a large volume that it can occupy. It has an essential oil tray as well. It also has an automatic shut off which means once the water supply is done and dusted, it will turn off without you having to do it yourself. These humidifiers can work in rooms which are up to 500 square feet. It has a blue LED night light which kids will find really interesting and fascinating. It is majorly available in two colours, black and white. It will cost you almost $59 and if we are really specific, its price stands at $58.95.

  • Capacity of 6L goes a long way
  • It keeps the humidity in a room about 43 which significantly decreases the chances of getting ill
  • It does not need any filter
  • A bit expensive

3. Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

As the name suggests, the Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier White is specifically meant for the purpose of killing germs which can cause a huge impact on your well being. The model comes with a one-gallon tank which means it too has a lot of capacity. When you are looking to clean the Humidifier, it could be done effortlessly by you as the base comes out and apart really swiftly. It does require replacing the filters time and again as the problem may arise after each passing year. The filter may cost you around $10 which is not a huge sum to pay. The overall cost of this commodity stands at $61.99. It has a teardrop design which is tilted blue and it really adds to the show of the humidifier as it looks really good.

  • Honeywell’s patented system controls the humidity of your room throughout the year
  • The design is quite attractive
  • It is easy to fill
  • Slightly expensive

4. AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier

AIRCARE has always provided great options in the niche of large rooms and the AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier one is no exception. One of the things that truly stands out is the way it looks and how much value for money it provides to the users.

It is designed so that it can provide humidity to large areas which is why it will be an ideal fit in a big room. There are digitals controls available with the item which helps you to adjust the humidity according to your choice. It has about nine speed options so you can easily decide what speed you want the Humidifier to work on very accurately. Furthermore, the model has digital notifications as well which means that every time the tank is about to get empty, it will notify you so that you can fill the water tank all over again.

  • It can humidify areas up to 2400 square feet
  • You have about nine speed options here which is extremely rare in a humidifier
  • Comes with digital notifications which makes it very easy to use
  • Although the nine speed options help to go a level up from its contemporaries, the sound of the fan also increases with the increase in the speed

5. TaoTronics 4L Cool Mist Humidifier

Setting up the humidifier is effortless when it comes to the TaoTronics 4L Cool Mist Humidifier. Usually with other humidifiers, you need to read a lot of instructions and even after doing so, you might still not be able to get your stuff straight. But with Taotronics 4L Cool Mist Humidifier, you can get the job of setting it up done within a couple of minutes.

It can last over 10 hours with a full water tank which speaks for itself about how good of a humidifier it really is. But the best part of this product is the price at which it comes. You can easily get this product on various online platforms for as little as $30 which is not really a lot considering the number of features that the product is coming with for you. It can humidify upto 325 feet which is impressive as well

  • Barely creates any sort of sound
  • Extremely easy to use
  • It has a built-in filter
  • The design isn’t the most appealing

Things To Consider Before Buying Large Room Humidifiers

There are various things that you need to consider before finally choosing a humidifier. Not just a humidifier, you need to look into the things really well before buying anything that’s supposed to be for a long run. When you choose in a hurry, you ought to make mistakes. But when you take your time to do the right sort of research and then finally reach a judgment point, you will make close to flawless decisions. Here are a few points that you need to consider before buying a Humidifier:- 

  • Budget 

The budget plays a huge role when you are choosing a humidifier or any other product for that matter. The humidifiers might not be the costliest of the lot but they do have their own level of pricing and not everyone can afford to spend so much just on a humidifier. Some people believe in buying the best item that there is for the long term, without having to worry too much about the price of the product. It totally depends on the image that a product carries and for a layman, quality matters the most and for them, quality is a branded product. But you need to look before brands too. Some of the new age organizations are producing quality humidifiers at a low price as well. If your focus is on quality and mind you, quality does not necessarily mean high pricing for the same commodity, you will be able to find amazing humidifiers even after spending a limited amount of budget. At the end of the day, it is totally your call if you want to waste your money in having the number of features in a humidifier that you could have had at a lower price had you not focused too much on a particular brand. You should be looking to take the wise call. 

  • Checking humidity 

It is essential to understand the level of humidity in the room and only then you can decide which humidifier you want to buy. There is a device called hygrometer which indicates the exact level of humidity in the room. So when you buy the humidifier, you can cross-check the hygrometer and understand if the product is making a difference or not. Otherwise what’s the point behind the entire thing? The function of a humidifier is to keep the humidity under control so that people inside the room do not face any diseases. But you won’t be able to truly grasp how well your humidifier is working until and unless you have the full details of the level of humidity in the room before and after setting it up. If you feel like the difference can be counted on and it is because of using the humidifier, you can keep using the product. If you feel otherwise, you can return back the product within the warranty period in order to get a more useful item or your entire money back. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Large Room Humidifiers

  • Area of room 

The area of the room would also decide the kind of Humidifier you would want. As you know, each humidifier that is out there in the market is supposed to have different features depending on the contrasting circumstances of one room to that of the other. You need to check your room carefully and understand the size of it before finally going on to the marketplace to buy the Humidifier. If you choose the righteous piece for the space that is available to you, it will give you positive results for sure. However, if you choose the wrong features for your room and buy a humidifier, it wouldn’t give you the results you were hoping for. The reason behind that is very simple as well. A specific kind of humidifier is meant for a specific area of the room and if you are not considering that and end up having an error of judgment, the product wouldn’t be as effective for you. So you have to be very careful after the capacity of the room before finally going on to buy the Humidifier. 

  • Type of humidifier

There are various types of humidifiers out there and each product serves its purpose which is different from that of the other. There are majorly two types of humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers and hot water humidifiers. If you are looking to buy a humidifier for children, you have to be extra careful. Most of the kids, especially in this day and age, are highly enthusiastic with high adrenaline and they may end up doing things which end up causing an injury to them. So if you are looking to buy it for your kids, you must go with a cool mist humidifier. Although it might cost you more, the cool mist humidifier offers high safety and ensures that kids do not get injured. When it comes to a hot water humidifier, children might look to play with it and the water boils tremendously. So if they go on to spill the hot water on their body, they are going to suffer drastic burns. If you want the best of the results, you should be buying a hot water humidifier that is most effective on the level of humidity in the room but it can prove to be a bit unsafe at some points. Which is why cool mist humidifiers have a better market for themselves. 

  • Ease of cleaning and use 

Both these things matter more than you could imagine. Talking about cleaning, you got to pull up your socks all the time and keep the humidifier clean. If it is itself not totally clean, how can you expect it to create a healthy environment inside a room? So you have to wash it from time to time. Talking about the use, there are a lot of things that may come to your mind. There are too many features that a Humidifier comes with and if you can tap on each one of them, you will make better use of it. This is where the ease of cleaning and use becomes integral. If it is a complex job cleaning it or a difficult task using it, why would you go for it in the first place? It is the sole purpose of a Humidifier to be easy to get washed and also have easy-to-use features. There are hardly any people who wouldn’t wish for it to be this way. Their purpose of buying a particular sort of Humidifier is that it is of a simpler use in comparison to the other products out there. 

  • Speeds and sound

There are various speed options available in different home humidifiers. The fact of the matter is, if you increase the level of speed in a humidifier, it will also go on to make much more noise in the room as well. It again depends on what your choices are depending on the circumstances you are in. If you are looking to buy a Humidifier for the room of an elderly person, you should go for a humidifier with limited speed options which in turn will have a low volume of the fan as well. It will not disturb the old age people and would let them sleep comfortably rather than waking up to the terrible sound of the fan from time to time. But if you want the Humidifier to provide you instant results and you do not care about the sound that it makes as long as your body doesn’t have to sweat way too much, you can look for humidifiers with more speed options as well. There are a few humidifiers that have great speed options and there’s barely any sound as well. So if your preference is to have it without worrying about the cost, you can go for such a product which will kill two birds with one stone.

Why Is It Important To Clean Humidifiers Regularly?

The thing with a Humidifier is that you have to clean it from time to time. The experts say that you have to clean it after every three days so that it doesn’t end up creating some sort of mess for you. The reason behind it is simple. If you do not clean it, it will give rise to bacteria which will also affect your body. What is the purpose of buying a humidifier in the first place?

It is to create a healthy environment around you. But if you do not wash it from time to time, the biggest reason behind having a humidifier is defeated in the first place. If you clean it regularly, you will see the Humidifier always has the same level of impact around and it will surely provide the maximum number of results. You have to be very uptight with it and a regular check is needed. It is a complex job to always take care of a humidifier but if you want to be healthy and stay healthy, you can pay just a little bit of price for sure.

Cool Mist Humidifiers Vs Warm Mist Humidifiers

Speaking of the warm mist humidifiers, they happen to be the most healthy option you can look to have. When the water boils, it is bound to kill a lot of bacteria and it will prove to be really fresh at the same point of time. So warm mist humidifiers can be considered more healthy and a better use in that sense. But they tend to use a lot of electricity. Cool mist humidifiers, on the other hand, do not use half as much electricity as warm mist humidifiers do which is the biggest advantage for them in comparison.

There are some humidifiers out there which can work both ways. So according to the need of the hour, you can adjust the commodity. But doctors advise to go for warm mist humidifiers for matured people while they say that cool mist humidifiers are better suited for the kids at home. All in all, both types of humidifiers have their own bunch of features and they are bound to provide the results that you might expect from them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the ideal level of humidity that should be maintained with the use of a humidifier?

The ideal level of humidity within a room should be anywhere in the range of 45 to 50%. In case the humidity is above 50, you are going to sweat all the time. If it is anywhere below 30%, the chances of suffering from cold becomes high. This is the major reason why you are required to have a humidifier which will make the situations ideal for you.

Q. Should I be using warm water to fill up the water tank of a humidifier?

 It is not necessary to fill up the water tank with warm water. You should always be going for cold water’s use. In case it is a cool mist humidifier, it condemns the use of warm water anyway. While in case of a warm mist humidifier, the water will itself get warm from the constant boiling which is what the product has to do anyway.

Q. How should the humidifier be cleaned?

You cannot be lethargic about cleaning your humidifier.You need to wash it right through and through no matter how much of a time it consumes. This is possibly the toughest part to have a humidifier with you. You have to wash it regularly and you need to wait for all the components to get dry before refilling the entire thing once again. You should be looking to take the advice of the humidifier company and what they feel about its cleaning since it differs from product to product.

Q. What is the capacity of a humidifier in terms of containing water in it?

It is not specific for every product because each product is manufactured by a different company. Some of them have large water tanks while the others have a very limited size of water tank. You need to choose it according to the size of the room since large rooms would definitely require a greater size of water tank. If you go for a bigger humidifier, you will also have to pay a big price to have it.

Q. Can a humidifier be set on a timer?

Yes, a humidifier can be set on a timer as well. There is a new feature in most of the humidifiers around which is called countdown timer. According to this, your humidifier will start buzzing just when the water tank is about to go empty or when the humidity level is increasing and you probably need to up the speed of the fan.

Q. How often is it required to fill up the water tank of the humidifier?

You will be required to do the job quite frequently. Some of the water tanks last for 10 hours while some last as long as 30 hours as well, it totally depends on the capacity of the humidifier which must be written down in its features. You should try to refill it as soon as the water tank is about to go off or the humidifier has to provide the notification to fill it up all over again.

Q. Is it necessarily required to use essential oils in a humidifier?

It depends if you want to completely dehumidify the humidity or not. Sometimes it might be the need of the hour and you should be looking to use aroma diffuser in order to get the job done. It just requires you to throw a few drops of water into it and it will become a soothing experience for you.

A Final Word

We live in a day and age where a healthy lifestyle is given the biggest priority and it is imperative as well, otherwise it can lead to some deadly diseases. Covid-19 is one of the best examples recently and there might be much more to come in the near future. High or low levels of humidity can cause further problems for you. Both cases prove to be really dangerous. You cannot take a chance with it, especially when you have kids or aged people in your home. You need to be responsible for the people in your family.  

A humidifier is able to do the job for you in terms of keeping the adequate level of humidity in a room. When it comes to large rooms, humidifiers are required to have a greater capacity of having water which can last for a day at least. It is generally advised that you keep a continuous check on the humidifier and the level of humidity it is maintaining in the room. Sometimes you are required to increase the speed and sometimes you are even required to decrease it, you just need to keep it all open. There are a lot of options to choose from and none of them is going to disappoint you.

On an ending note, we’d personally recommend you to buy:

It has a huge water tank which can take the water up to 6 liters. The pricing is pretty much affordable as well at $58.95. Its design is also slick and it is meant to be for a long run.

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