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Netatmo Weather station is one of the most trending weather stations with all the necessary features that grab the eyes. Netatmo has an excellent reputation for serving the market with amazing high-quality products and innovative appliances. Well, we must say, this is not just a typical weather station that measures environmental parameters. Along with temperature, barometric pressure, and inside and outside humidity, it measures noise level and other information so the buyers can get a lot more than a typical weather station. 



  • Health-oriented weather station 

  • Compact design and elegant looks 

  • Gives accurate data about the indoor and outdoor climate 

  • Smart home compatible 

  • Can be managed and viewed remotely 

  • You can share the data and see the weather conditions of the other parts of the world


  • Need to buy wind and rain sensor separately.

The weather conditions of the environment have a significant impact on our lives. Getting a comprehensive weather report is very complicated. Though there are tremendous sources; there is no surety about the accuracy. To get the perfect weather report, you need the right weather station.

Weather Stations are one of the basic needs of our day to day life. To monitor the environments for work purposes or other obligations, weather stations with advanced features are mandatory. It’s the smartest invention to study the environment accurately. 

Netatmo Weather Station Review

Weather stations give you precise weather reports by monitoring the parameters of sunlight, wind, rain, wind direction, and more. 

There are tremendous weather stations available in the market right now. One of the most trending weather stations at the moment is Netatmo Weather Station. If you are planning to buy it but just can’t convince yourself as it being the right choice for you, we will resolve your issue.. Here is an honest review of the overall performance and worth of Netatmo Weather Station.

Features Of Netatmo Weather Station

Netatmo weather station is one of the most advanced weather stations with new and unique features. The rare functions are the ones that make it most desirable. You get accurate measurements about your indoor and outdoor environments so that you can track it. The unique and unusual CO2 sensor measures the level of indoor pollution; when it detects too much pollution, it alerts you to ventilate the air out of the house. This feature ensures you live in a healthy and pollution-free environment as we spend most of our time indoors, which is a highly beneficial feature. 

Improving the life quality of the family members, it measures indoor noise levels, humidity, and temperature and keeps you updated. You can easily plan your outdoor activities and no longer need to check the weather forecasting as you have the most accurate one. It gives you all the updates about your yard or outdoor area. Imagine getting an alert even before it starts raining? Amazing, isn’t it? It gives you accurate readings of the outdoor environmental conditions like relative humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, air quality that too on your smartphone

Like our smartphones, this weather is intelligent and advanced, which makes its use easy and comfortable. In the generation of Alexa and Siri, how can you buy a boring traditional weather station? This weather station is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, or Siri. You can simply check the temperature of your outdoors or check how is the air in your bedroom by commanding Alexa or Siri to check Netatmo. This all seems unimaginable, but yes, it’s possible with Netatmo! It does not come with any screen console, your phone, tablet, PC is the console itself where the station will send the signals.

Moreover, it allows you to connect the station with other smart devices in your home. It gives you ultimate comfort and reliability. You can change the settings and the weather station can communicate with other smart systems in your house. It has another surprising feature: Netatmo WeatherMap, you can share your data with the Netatmo Community and get real-time weather about the other parts of the world from other members. 

Features Of Netatmo Weather Station

Most of us may say that the weather station’s looks do not matter; if it performs well, it’s worth buying. This is true and logical, but a boring looking old-style weather station is something you will not like to purchase. This weather station has an innovative design and elegant looks. The compact design makes it easy to fit in any corner and does not require any high-level assembly. A one-piece aluminum design in a cylindrical shape will attract your guest’s attention. It is easily portable and does not require much effort. You can keep it anywhere, even as a showpiece. 

The durability of this weather station is exceptional with its high-quality material; it is robust and highly durable. With extraordinary performance, you get an additional indoor module, a wind gauge, and a rain gauge with a weather station. The outdoor module of the weather station is waterproof. Once you connect it with your smartphone, you get the notifications and alerts. 

You can check the history of weather conditions if you were away with the help of graphs as it saves history. If you are planning to have some special occasion in your yard after few days and confused about the weather whether its okay to do the celebration outdoors, then just relax and ask the Netatmo weather station to give you a brief of the next seven days weather forecasts. 


  • USB Cable
  • 2 AAA Batteries 
  • USB Power Outlet 
  • An indoor and outdoor sensor
  • Wall mount
  • App to operate it easily 

Who Should Buy The Netatmo Weather Station?

Though the product may be highly advanced with all the mandatory features, knowing for whom it will work well is the whole different game. This product is best for household purposes if you are looking for some professional work and need an accurate reading; then this is not for you. This product is a basic need of every household to live in healthy air with its essential weather readings. It does not measure leaf wetness or soil properties, which is a common feature professionals look for. 

Alternatives Of The Netatmo Weather Station

Netatmo weather station is genuinely a worthy product that will stand up to all your expectations from a weather station, especially if you are buying it for household purposes. Netatmo has innumerable customers happy with its overall performance and quality of the station. Even if you are looking for something more advanced to get perfect weather conditions, we will suggest the Ambient Weather WS-2902A. It can be used for professional purposes, as well. But if you are looking for overall sound quality, advance better-performing weather station Nematmo will work wonders for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the accuracy of the Netatmo weather station?

+3% is the accuracy of the Netatmo weather station, which is quite low then other weather stations. 

Q. Is Netatmo Weather station compatible with Google Home? 


Q. After how long does the Netatmo Weather Station update?

It refreshes after 10 minutes.

Q. Can I control hot water with the help of Netatmo? 

Yes, with the Netatmo app, you can manage your hot watering system.

Q. Is the Netatmo Weather Station good when travelling overseas?

If you are going on a short trip, yes. However, if you’re considering travelling for a few weeks or even months, we recommend getting a Nest thermostat instead.

A Final Word

The one concerned about the health of the family will not miss this weather station. However, it gives essential readings; it has all the mandatory features and operates smartly, making life more comfortable and manageable. Its compatibility with smart homes is the other best part of this weather station. 

Weather stations are one of the most basic needs which we often neglect. Compare to other weather stations, Netatmo has done pretty well in every aspect. Netatmo Weather station is worth every single penny you spend, But if you are still looking for more detailed measurements for professional work, this is not for you.

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