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With a greenhouse, you get a longer growing season. However, if you are staying in an area where the temperature is extremely low and there’s a chance of snowfall, you need to have a good-quality greenhouse kit available. Generally, you would require a low temperature for better growth of several plants. With the use of the greenhouse kit, you will be able to achieve just that. To protect your plants from pests and predators, the kit works as a blessing. When everything goes right with the plantation in the greenhouse, you can expect an optimum growth environment. Here are some of the best greenhouse kits that are worth the price and the quality that they come up with:- 

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Editor’s Picks: 3 Of The Best Greenhouse Kits For Cold Weather In 2023

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5 Best Greenhouse Kits For Cold Weather In 2023 Reviewed

1. Flower House FHSP300CL SpringHouse Greenhouse

This one is coming from Flower House and is one of the top recommendations on the list. Flower House FHSP300CL is a greenhouse that can be set up within a couple of minutes. No matter if it is a hard or a soft surface, you can do it comfortably.

It comes with a PVC material having UV protection. The clear PVC material helps it to have a long life. It is not just meant for the winter season, you can use it in any given season and it will provide you with the best possible results. There’s room for an ample amount of ventilation as well. The doors and windows come with screened vents. These vents can be zipped fully with the help of zipper closures. With all its features, it is due that it will improve the climatic conditions required for the plantation. 

  • It has a clear PVC material with UV protection for long life.
  • It has an open floor which makes it easy to be set up on trees and bushes.
  • The screened doors can be used as vents as well.
  • It has a compact design which allows it to be carried easily from one place to another.
  • Its open floor design helps it to be used in a varied number of ways.
  • It can only fit in a limited amount of things so a large plantation cannot be carried out under it.
  • The covering is of plastic and can be torn off easily willingly or mistakenly.

2.Greenhouse for Outdoors with Observation Windows, Ohuhu

This greenhouse kit has been constructed with about 12 wired shelves, 6 each on the two sides. It comes with a zippered roll-up door. This feature helps the kit to come with external airflow which keeps the plants warm and healthy. It has a convenient net rack, rollable door curtain, heavy-duty zipper and many such features. It includes the ground pegs & ropes along with stones on the cover bottom thus allowing you to set it up very well. It weighs about 23.8 pounds which means that it is a bit heavy to be shifted from one place to another but doesn’t require much effort. The rust-resistant tubes are a big plus to the portable greenhouse meant for all seasons. 

  • It comes with a large space of 55’5 length, 56’3 width and 76.8 height.
  • The transparent thickened PVC cover makes it easy for sunlight to go through and help the plants
  • There are hook and loop fasteners along with typing rope as well.
  • The air circulation with this greenhouse kit is amazing which is ideal for starting seedlings.
  • It can also create the right space for your plants with the best environment and protection against extreme weather conditions.
  • Its cost is around $100 which makes it a little expensive.
  • It might not be able to cope up well with high windy conditions.

3.King Canopy GH1010 10-Feet by 10-Feet Fully Enclosed Greenhouse

The King Canopy GH1010 comes with a decent space required for growing a good number of flowers. It can accumulate plants with big heights. It is made from durable materials. This is why this product becomes a better option when it comes to the winter season. It can last commendably well in extreme weather conditions. Its frame is very easy to assemble too. So in case you want the greenhouse to move to some other place, you would find it easier to first remove it and then put it back in a different area all over again. 

  • The cover is made up of transparent polyethene.
  • The zipper door ensures is there on its front.
  • It comes in two colours mainly, black and white.
  • King Canopy GH1010 comes with a one year warranty.
  • The extra height of the greenhouse allows plants to grow tall as nothing harms its growth.
  • The product is very reliable and durable so you can use it for a longer duration.
  • The door zipper can be a problem when it comes to a couple of gardeners.
  • If a plant requires strong sunlight, King Canopy GH1010 might be a weak option.

4. Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse

You would generally require to throw in a lot of space when you buy yourself a greenhouse kit and rightly so as well. But things are very different when it comes to Nova MICRODERMABRASION mini greenhouse kit. It has a steel frame of about 27.25 x 19 x 63-inch. This frame comes with a powder coating which ensures the great durability of this product. Its fabric is UV resistant and non-woven which allows the light to pass through and help the nutrition of the plant and you can still protect them from hot sun and pets. It comes in 2-pack so you can use it in multiple areas around you. 

  • It has a four-tired stacked design that can easily accommodate seed trays.
  • It can be used with grow lights.
  • It has a zippered roll-up door.
  • Replacement covers and additional shelves have been made available as well.
  • It has a lightweight and portable frame that can be easily taken from one place to another.
  • It has strong steel which is not easily breakable.
  • It has an economical price.
  • Although recommended for winters, it does face trouble during temperatures below 5°C.
  • Wire shelves are a bit weak and can prove to be a problem in the case of heavy pots.

5. Flower House FHPH150 PlantHouse 5 Pop-Up Plant House

Want a greenhouse kit that can help extend the growing season and also safeguards your plants? Flower House FHPH150 might be just around the corner when you think about the righteous kit that you can buy to fit into your want. It can offer you safety from winds, snows and pests. As the seasons change, you will see a different atmosphere around and so will your plants. You must have a greenhouse kit in a place that can run in all the seasons. The amazing PVC construction allows for maximum light and heat transmission. 

  • Gro-tec rip-stop fabric of Flower House FHPH150 diffuses light helping plants to grow.
  • The set-up is pretty simple and it can be assembled comfortably.
  • The set-up is pretty simple and it can be assembled comfortably.
  • It comes with an open floor allowing it to cover trees and bushes too.
  • It is convenient, compact and lightweight.
  • It works in dynamic environments too so you can use it on a hard surface as well as soil surface.
  • It can accumulate large spaces so big plants will always find a room.
  • It cannot withstand a snowy or rainy environment if it occurs heavily.
  • The ground inside the greenhouse can be left dampened.

Styles of greenhouse kits 

Styles of greenhouse kits 

Attached greenhouse kits 

Attached Greenhouse kits refer to those greenhouse kits which do not require you to build walls on all the four sides. You have a weight-bearing wall in place. When it comes to this style of greenhouse kits, it takes you less amount of time to set up the entire system. These are also less expensive in comparison to other styles. So, in case you want to grow seedlings, herbs and other vegetables, attached greenhouse kits are ideal for you. The features of this style are also limited so in case you want to have a broad plantation carried out inside the greenhouse, attached Greenhouse kits might not be the most suitable. 

Freestanding greenhouse kits

As the name suggests, these types of greenhouses stand alone. So you don’t have to worry about the space and where to keep the greenhouse. You can land it anywhere on your property. They are initially costly in comparison to attached greenhouses but after setting it up, the cost per plant with freestanding greenhouse kits is lesser. So, in case you want to do plantation activities in a greenhouse for a long run, you should be preferring freestanding ones. You can carry out a large plantation easily with the help of this style of greenhouse kits! 

Advantages of Greenhouse Kits

Protection against diseases

Just like human beings, plants also suffer from a lot of diseases. This can happen due to various factors involved in the process of grooming of plants. With greenhouse kits, plants do not suffer at all and get protected from all such diseases. The sun or the rain does not have much impact on plants in negative ways. All the pests and vermin stay away due to a strong shield provided by greenhouse kits. The temperature is different in different regions and the kit should be adjusted as per the temperature. With the recent products coming with technology-friendly features, you are sure to keep your plants safe from all sorts of diseases. 


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When greenhouse kits were made a decade ago, there were several problems coming with it. You could not maintain a proper ventilation. However, the same is not the case with the current batch of greenhouse kits. It is important to keep your plants protected but if there’s no adequate amount of air, water, and sun provided to it, it can hamper the growth immensely. The greenhouse kits ensure that a proper amount of ventilation is available to the plants. A proper ventilation to plants would also mean that you get to control impurities and stop condescension. There are huge health benefits associated with proper ventilation which is why it becomes a very important feature of greenhouse kits as well. 

Increasing production 

When you grow plants, it generally takes a lot of time before it starts to give you the results for real. Up until then, you have to make certain choices regarding how to help the growth of such plants. When you do the same with the help of greenhouse kits, the growth happens at a much faster rate. This increase in production is important in a lot of plants. Once the plant starts to grow, you can get it out of the greenhouse and place it in the orchard. It will increase the productivity of the plant especially if it is supposed to reap you fruits or dry fruits. The fact that it can allow a great amount of crop on the surface is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate one bit before buying greenhouse kits. It will ensure value for your plantation. 

All year growth 

When you plant something at your place, a lot of it depends on the weather and the season. Several plants grow in a specific season and the other times they stop having any sort of growth. With greenhouse kits, you can ensure such plants just about the weather that is needed for its growth all year. It means that if a plant is supposed to grow just 3-4 months a year, it will grow 3 times more within the same year under a greenhouse kit. It also ensures a stable growth which is really important for plants. It happens with a lot of them that they grow in one season and by the time next season arrives, there’s no scope for growth at all. With greenhouse kits, all year growth is always possible in almost all sorts of plants. So every season if you get good mandi rates can make lots of money with your plants

Light distribution 

With the help of greenhouse kits, there’s an optimum light distribution amongst the plants. The light should not be too much to handle for plants and neither should it be too dull for them. There’s that thin line which needs to be drawn in order to maintain the optimum level of growth. A proper light distribution will help you in such a cause for sure. The greenhouse  covers are made in such a way that they can change the direction of the sun’s rays. UV protection is needed the most for plants because it impairs photosynthesis and dehydrates the plants. A proper light distribution would maintain a sustainable growth in all the plants and greenhouse kit manages to pull it off to perfection. 

More variety

When you are keen on growing plants at your place, you have to understand the environment around you and the usual temperature of the area. It would generally restrict your choices to grow more plants since not all of them are capable of growing at any temperature. With greenhouse kits, you can maintain a certain level of temperature for all sorts of plants. It naturally increases your variety in terms of growing them. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for your studies or you want to grow plants and know about how they behave in general, greenhouse kits can help you in all such cases. All you have to do is make sure the space you want and based on that you can buy a greenhouse kit which can fit in all such plants. The growth prospects escalates quickly and so does your knowledge about plantation and how to behave with them. 

Disadvantages of Greenhouse Kits


One thing that you have to understand regarding greenhouse kits is that it is going to put you in a lot of trouble with your expenses. It is suitable for the riches of the society who like to grow plants in their classy way. Although you do have choices and the price ranges are there as well, you still have to pay a good sum of money. It clearly is going to be too much to afford for the poorer section of the society. 

Requirement of constant monitoring 

You need to be really disciplined with how you maintain the greenhouse kit and the material inside it. Most of the greenhouse kits are made up of plastic so there will always be a chance of wear and tear. Now when there is a strong wind blowing in the area where you have set up the greenhouse, you will need some strong measures to safeguard the material inside and outside. To be precise, it is going to waste a lot of your time and energy as well. So unless you don’t have too much work at the desk, its maintenance is going to get under your skin. 


Things to consider before buying the product

Greenhouse kits are generally bigger and are difficult to move from one place to another. It becomes essential to consider a couple of things. They are as follows:- 


Size is a really important factor when it comes to a greenhouse kit. If your plantation is big, you have to look for a bigger greenhouse kit naturally. But in case you come with a more spacious kit for a small amount of plantation, it will be a waste of space as well as your money. You have to identify correctly what would be the right size of a greenhouse and then buy it. If you are experimenting and starting with a small plantation, you should be looking to buy a small greenhouse. You have to make up your mind exactly in terms of size because if you go here and there with your choices, the final product in hand can prove to be a debacle. 


The cost will always play an important factor when it comes to a greenhouse kit. Most of the kits are made with great material which will increase the cost of the particular greenhouse. So you wouldn’t find many of them at an economical price. But you can still tune-up with the best choice not compromising on the quality and getting just a bit of profit in terms of the price. This is when research becomes important. You have to keep searching for the right product until you are truly satisfied with the choice you make at the end of the day. Cost always plays an important factor and things are no different when it comes to a greenhouse kit. You should maintain the right balance in your needs with a greenhouse kit and its price. 


There are several areas in the world where the climate doesn’t change a lot the entire year. So in case, the climate is low, you have to look for a greenhouse kit that can benefit the plants the best way possible at the same temperature. It goes the same for other seasons as well. Every greenhouse kit wouldn’t be dynamic in terms of its use. Some of them do not work well in snowy or windy conditions and some others have their problems in harsh sunlight. You have to understand the merits as well as demerits of a particular product before reaching a final decision. 


You have to look into the space that you can offer to a greenhouse kit. Imagine if you buy a big greenhouse kit and you don’t have much of a space, it wouldn’t turn out any good for you. At the same time, if you have a large space and a huge amount of plantation to carry out but you have a greenhouse kit that cannot fit it all in, there’s another problem for you. You need to give it a great amount of thought before concluding the amount of space you have and how it can be used properly with the right sort of a greenhouse kit. 

Brand or not? 

This is where it can get tricky. More often than not, you will find a branded product to be better and safer than the unbranded one. When it comes to the greenhouse kit, you don’t have to focus on the branding but you should rather be looking at the feedback for a product that is genuine. You can go to some online portal and easily find the goods and bad of a greenhouse kit. You don’t have to focus on the branding alone but rather go for something that’s genuine quality and not just have a product with a known tag to it. 


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Question #1:- Why are greenhouse kits needed in the first place? 

Answer:- Greenhouse kits can provide a great amount of safety to your plantation and help them grow at a better and faster rate. It also safeguards them from extreme weather conditions and lessens the impact.

Question #2:- Where should I be setting up my greenhouse kit? 

Answer:- You need to first look into a straightened ground to set up a greenhouse kit. If you end up getting one, you shouldn’t hesitate before setting it up. But if you have to first straighten the ground, it will take you more time to do so. 

Question #3:- Can I have a greenhouse for my balcony as well? 

Answer:- Yes, you can have a greenhouse kit for your balcony. There are various choices available in the market and some of them can be set up indoors as well as outdoors which increase your options. 

Question #4:- Are greenhouses heavy to lift or lightweight? 

Answer:- It depends on a particular product produced by a particular organisation. Generally, if you buy a greenhouse kit for a large space, it will be heavy and vice versa. But there are exceptions too so you have to keep that in mind. 

Question #5:- What are the different types of greenhouse kits? 

Answer:- There are various kinds of greenhouse kits. Some of the most popular ones are a freestanding greenhouse, a glazed freestanding greenhouse, the window-mounted greenhouse which is bought and used majorly. These are best suited in case you are looking to produce organic food. 

Question #6:- How does greenhouse work? 

Answer:- A greenhouse works based on passive solar energy. Everything inside the greenhouse absorbs short-wavelength IR and becomes warmer. It further gives long-wavelength which shines back into the greenhouse. 


A warehouse kit can prove to be extremely helpful for your plantation. If you would like to look at the best of the lot, the greenhouse presented by Ohuhu has to be the righteous product when it comes to winters. The fact that it can withstand any conditions whether it is heavily snowy or windy is a testament to the quality that it possesses. To add to it, this greenhouse kit also has a great air circulation. This is why it has an edge over other greenhouse kits featured in this list.

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