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  • Accuracy
  • Easy to install
  • Durability
  • Battery Life
  • Cost


If a cheap, easy to use and accurate weather station is what you are looking for, look no further than the La Crosse Weather Station. It has a full color LCD with weather icons combined with automatic time adjustments. Adding to that, you can view live humidity and temperature that are extremely accurate. As for the battery, it runs on AAA batteries making it quite easy to maintain as well.



  • Full-color LCD with weather icons like sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy and snowy
  • Automatic time settings
  • Wireless transmission range is impressive
  • Value for money is incredible


  • Metrics aren’t the most detailed

Aren’t we all tired of listening to inaccurate weather updates? This very inability of weather channels is ruining our daily plans which brings us to the rise of personal weather stations. Weather stations, with the help of wind speed, heat, light, and many such more sensors, collect data about local weather and create a forecast of the same.

A weather station is trendy among those who use it for their occupation or professions like farmers and weather enthusiasts. These are those for whom having the right knowledge about the weather condition is a priority as it affects their daily life. So instead of relying upon any secondary source of data, they become their primary source of data by owning a weather station.

Lacrosse Weather Station Review

Having a weather station is also considered to be very important among travelers as they mark their calendars for any outing considering the weather outside. Very often, such people have to cancel plans at the very end because the weather forecasts don’t turn out to be true for that area.

It is easy-to-use setup while also not requiring any advanced knowledge about using electronic machines. It comes with integrated sensors and a LED display that is sold as a package. The information received by the sensors and processed by the embedded system is displayed on the screen as the information or results which are ready to be used. One product that we highly recommend is the La Crosse Weather Station.

Features Of La Crosse Weather Station


  • It has Full-color LCD with weather icons like sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy and snowy.
  • Displays indoor temperature (F/C adjustable) and humidity (%RH)
  • Indicator icons: temperature & humidity trend arrows, Atomic reception, low battery
  • Temperature Alerts for both indoor & outdoor
  • Heat index/Dew Point

Self-setting Atomic Self-Set Time

  • Atomic Self set time & date
  • Automatic Daylight savings time resets (on/off option)
  • Seven-time zone settings (AST, EST, CST, MST, PST, AKT, and HAT)
  • Adjustable backlight settings (HI/LOW/OFF) (requires power cord)
  • 12/24 hour time display
  • Time alarm with 10-minute snooze
  • Wall hanging display or base stand
  • Included 5V power cord (optional, battery backup requires 3 AAA, not included)

Wireless Transmission

  • Wireless transmission from over 330 ft range (obstructions, such as walls, glass, and resistance, trees, bushes can reduce range)
  • Weather resistance to light moisture, but not direct rainfall and heavy precipitation
  • Proper sensor location: North side of the home, Shaded area protected from direct sun/rain but well-ventilated for accuracy
  • Wireless Outdoor Temperature Range: -40 F to 140 F (-40 C to 60 C)
  • Sensor requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Troubleshooting Tips For La Crosse Weather Station

Dashes for Outdoor temp

1) First, hold the HEAT/DEW button for 3 seconds to search for an outdoor sensor. The reception icon will flash while searching/solid when the signal is received.

2) Weak battery power – check low battery indicator on the station. You may change batteries in your sensor, then immediately hold HEAT/DEW to search for the signal again!

Weak/Low Power

Low battery next to Indoor Temp = weather station back up cells are weak/low

1. Continue using the power cord and remove old batteries.

2. Recommend using Brand Name, Standard Alkaline batteries (Exp Date should be seven years ahead of the current year)

3. No action required after

Factory Restart: Remove Residual electrical current

1. DISCONNECT: Remove all power (batteries and AC power cord) from the weather station and sensor 

2. Press one of the buttons on the weather station at least 20 times; it will clear all the data saved in the memory

3. Leave both units without power for at least 15 minutes

Reinstall with Fresh, New Batteries

1. Insert fresh batteries into the outdoor sensor.

2. Insert the AC power cord.

3. Wait 15 minutes for proper connection between sensor and display before remounting your sensor. (We recommend mounting sensor on Northside of home, protected from direct sunlight and precipitation, but well-ventilated)

La Crosse Weather Station Alternatives

1. X-sense Wireless Weather Station

X-sense Wireless Weather Station is a Large Backlit Color LCD that provides with the past and present humidity, temperature values, and weather forecast, giving the accurate local weather information. 

Weather Forecast Function

The inbuilt barometer senses the atmospheric pressure and reliably predicts the upcoming 12 to 24 hrs. It has five weather icons: sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy and snowy. It has a prediction accuracy of 70%-75%. The station ensures effective planning at your precise location.

User-Friendly Alerts

The precise temperature alert function, which is also customizable, immediately informs you of dangers like freezing or threatening weather conditions.

Waterproof and Weather-Resistant

The outdoor sensor is built to withstand extreme environments like rain, storm, and ice. The IPX5 waterproof rating makes it far more durable than other sensors without specific waterproof standard.

Flexible in Use

A power cord or batteries, either of the two, is needed to power the station. Its display will be enabled as soon as we plugin, allowing us to see the readings anytime, day or night easily. The batteries are only recommended in cases of power backup. The backlight brightness has 3 different levels (high/low/off).

The station can be operated freestanding or wall-mounted.

Radio Controlled Clock

It keeps track of the precise time and date without the need for re-adjusting. It is possible because of the Controlled radio clock.

Lacrosse Weather Station Alternatives

2. Wittime Latest 2078 Wireless Weather Forecast Station

This Wittime 2078 weather station reserves features like– high sensitivity touch buttons and brighter and clearer LCD screen and re-calibrated measure sensor.

Displayed Information

Massive necessary data is carried in the little bright screen. Seven vivid weather pictures represent different weather conditions. It’s easy to know everything about the weather when we have indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity measurements combined and also forecast weather based on barometric measurement! Three essential components of a digital calendar are date, month, and day of the week and they can be customized in terms of format and languages. An indicator also notifies when to replace the batteries.

Initially, the settings demand altitude before getting air pressure reading, yielding accurate barometer measurement, and a reliable forecast after 12 hours adaption. The following steps would require the current weather picture for the machine to examine the environment. 

Smooth Touch Buttons

2078 has well-tested high sensitivity touch buttons, one tap for easy measurement readings access, and customized settings. They provide a much more seamless experience to the customers as many weather stations currently in the market use touch buttons.

Wireless Outdoor Sensor

The outdoor sensor is suitable for measuring. We just need to find a place away from the sun and rain, and the site should be within the transmission range. Further insert two batteries included in the package, connect the sensor to the central unit. Then, the indoor screen will display outdoor temperature and humidity.

Snooze Dual Alarms

2078 weather station has dual alarms with snooze function, which will make sure people do not miss the necessary appointments. For this, set 2 desired time as alarms, simply tap the alarm icon at the bottom to choose one, select alarm to activate. Such flexible selection facilitates different life schedules that people might have.

Adjustable Screen Brightness

To make sure we don’t miss any information, a clear and bright screen presents an elegant design and all the data on it. The brightness can be adjusted to high, low, or off when connected to the power adapter. Its duration is 10s to stay on without brightness adjustments and only powered by batteries alone. They also make sure that the dim screen does not hurt people’s eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does the remote of La Crosse Weather Station require two AA or two AAA?

The remote requires 2 AA whereas the station needs 3 AAA batteries.

Q. Does the La Crosse Weather Station support multiple sensors?

No, it only allows one external sensor.

Q. Does La Crosse Weather Station come with a stand for the remote sensor?

No. It has an attachment for mounting the sensor outside.

Q. Does La Crosse Weather Station have variable brightness settings?

When plugged in, it has three brightness settings. High, medium, and dimmed. When on battery, it is automatically dimmed.

Q. What’s the difference between this unit and the S88907?

The S88907 has a humidity range of 1% to 99% RH. It also includes an Indoor comfort range: Too DRY (1-25%), DRY (26-39%), Comfort OK (40-75%), Wet (76-83%), Too Wet (84-99%), and a 300-foot wireless transmission range. The 308-1414B has a humidity range: 19% to 97% RH, and a 200-foot wireless transmission range.

A Final Word

A weather station is an essential possession for many who rely solely on the environment. Such stations record the data without human intervention and allow the user to make various decisions. It is essential to provide the most accurate forthcoming details of the weather condition. These are considered to be a necessity, including the farmers and outdoor enthusiasts, as their daily activities depend upon the weather conditions. A weather station is a long term profitable investment as it requires low maintenance and servicing. Be your own meteorologist.

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