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A weather station comes in handy to a person in so many ways. If you buy a quality weather station, it would let you know about the climate in real-time. It is a level up from the weather reports from the meteorological department. It shares data with all the details. So there’s no way you stay confused about how your weather is behaving at a particular moment and in what way it is going to behave in the future. The information provided is very accurate. With the help of this information, you can keep yourself in the safe zone regarding the use of a weather station.

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Need of Lightning Detector

There are various reasons why the need for a lightning detector is felt. Here are some o the major reasons:- 

While travelling 

When you want to move cities, you want to know the weather conditions of the city as well as the weather throughout the journey. When you’re looking to go by air, you ought to be more cautious. The chances of plane crashes are generally higher when the weather conditions are bad. If there’s going to be a thunderstorm, you just cannot risk it sitting in an airplane. If travelling is absolutely necessary, you can choose other modes of transportation as well. With a lightning detector, you can make sure your safety concerns first. It’s very important for those people who have to travel from one place to another from time to time. When they use a lightning detector, they can make up their mind regarding the means of transportation, that’s all. It will keep you in the safe zone and that’s why you should be opting for the product. 

Weather reports 

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Weather stations are highly accurate with their results. But with a lightning detector, weather reports can become so much better. It adds to the number of features possessed by a weather station and it’s a step in the positive way only. It’s really important for the news reporters who talk about weather from all over the country. Different areas are occupied by different reporters and they have to come up with a correct prediction. Lightning detector is just going to put you in a safer zone. Some people want to listen to the weather reports out of interest. Lightning detectors are going to work amazingly for them as well. To sum it up, a lightning detector makes the use of a weather station so much better. 

5 Best Weather Stations with Lightning Detector Reviewed

Lightning detector would help you know if there’s going to be a thunderstorm in the near future. Here are some of the best lighting detector.

1. AcuRite 01022M Pro Weather Station Detector (01022), Lightning Detection

As you probably already know, AcuRite is the leading brand when it comes to weather stations. So, if you’re looking for a weather station with lightning detection, AcuRite can be extremely helpful there as well. In fact, they have come up with a perfect product which is the AcuRite 01022M Pro. It measures lightning within 25 Miles of reach. It means that you can know about lightning up to a distance of 40 Kms which can cover up an entire urban area. 

Moreover, the product helps you know the wind speed and direction. The predictions are made regarding how wind is going to behave in the times to come. Since the updates are provided frequently, it becomes easier for you to understand how the weather is going to behave for the next couple of days. When it comes to temperature, the AcuRite 01022M Pro can measure it accurately, both inside and outside your place. 

AcuRite 01022M Pro is a 5-in-1 weather station which means that you will be getting versatility from the product as well. The distance covered by the item is very far fetched too. All in All, AcuRite 01022M Pro Weather Station Detector with Lightning Detection might prove to be a great asset to you. 

  • It can measure lightning within a distance of 25 miles, i.e., 40 kilometres
  • It gives the information regarding temperature, humidity, wind and rain
  • It can measure Indoor and outdoor temperature and the accuracy element would be present
  • Provides real-time information with quick updates
  • It is available at a lower price which makes it affordable to a majority of people

2. AcuRite 01024M Pro Weather Station 

Another product powered by AcuRite, it’s a level up from what we have mentioned above, both in terms of price and the features. The amazing thing about the HD display is that it is extremely easy to use, even for a layman. With its help, you will get an overview of the weather. It will tell how exactly the weather has behaved in the past couple of days and how it is destined to change or remain constant in the near future. 

The information which this weather station provides is accurate and is easily understandable for everyone. But the details available can make up for a great professional use as well. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a weather enthusiast or just a person intending to understand the climate of his area better, it’s a fit for everyone. There’s a sleep mode available which means that you can have a great night time viewing too. All you need to do is simply turn the night mode on. 

Wind speed and wind direction information is always shown to you on the HD screen. The accuracy in lightning detection helps you stay in a safe zone or at least try something as a precautionary measure when there’s a possibility of thunderstorms. 

  • An exact information of futuristic weather conditions is available.
  • Weather station review on the HD screen would tell you all the details regarding weather.
  • There’s a sleep mode available which makes it easier to use this device during night
  • You can go through different screens in order to view high and low records
  • There’s a chance of providing updates within every 10 seconds although it can range anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds.

3. AcuRite 01021M Color Weather Station with Rain Gauge and Lightning Detector

Another product featuring from AcuRite is the AcuRite 01021M Color Weather Station with Rain Gauge and Lightning Detector. It has a great accuracy in terms of rain precipitation. It can work amazingly for agricultural purposes. When you’re supposed to grow something, there’s a set pattern in order to have a good and healthy growth. With the help of AcuRite 01021M Color Weather Station with Rain Gauge and Lightning Detector, you may very well support your agricultural needs. 

It comes with “My AcuRite” and with its help, it is easier to monitor lightning strikes. If there’s a major occurrence predicted in the future, you have a chance to safeguard yourself beforehand. The heat index and dew point would further the details regarding the weather and climate. 

In the majority of the areas all over the globe, the temperature doesn’t remain the same all year long. This can work very well in order to understand the climatic conditions. To add it up, it comes at a cost of $77. It means that it has been made with a universal appeal. It is wireless too so you can fit it anywhere in your room without any hesitation. 

  • The rain gauge here has a capability of transferring signal up to 100 feet
  • It flashes and beeps when lightning is anywhere in 25 miles of range
  • The rain gauge is wireless and you can easily connect your phone with it
  • The information regarding rainfall, lightning strikes, humidity, weather forecast, barometric pressure is available here
  • It comes at a cost of $77 which makes it value for money

4. Ambient Weather WS-2000 Smart Weather Station

If you want to know about storm activity in your area, this product powered by Ambient is specifically meant for you. Ambient Weather WS-2000 Smart Weather Station can look forward to any storm activity within an area of 25 miles. Although it’s not meant for people who don’t know how to use weather stations, it is a great fit for those people who have used a weather station before and know everything about how it works. 

It gives you the information within 79 seconds. So, the updates will be frequently available. With a RF 915 mHz wireless range, it can connect to your device. So, you will have the information saved which you can use anytime. If you want to share it, the task is pretty simple with the help of a mobile phone. It includes one lightning detector which will help you understand the weather conditions for the future as well. 

Lightning detector is meant for the future only since thunderstorms can do damage to your property and if you’re into agriculture, to your crop as well. You get that feature with this product. Available at $50, most of the people would be attracted to buy this product. It is one of the most economical products coming from a reputed brand when it comes to weather stations with lightning detectors. 

  • It can identify storm activities within a range of 40 Kms.
  • It can transmit the information every 79 second to you.
  • It measures the strength of the detected EMP, through which the distance from the strike can be found out.
  • The information about rain precipitation and temperature is readily available too.

5. Ambient Weather WS-5000 weather station

Ambient Weather WS-5000 weather station is one of the latest editions from Ambient and it is an all-in-one product. It is an upgraded version of all the previous weather stations coming from Ambient. Most of them would come up with a separate lightning detector, this one has a built-in lightning detector. The wind sensor has seen an upgrade too. It is now ultrasonic which lets you know about wind pressure more precisely. The indoor and outdoor temperature sensors have a huge difference. They are produced in such a way that they can fit to their roles perfectly, specifically outdoor temperature so that you understand better how the weather has changed over a period of time or stayed the same. 

It also comes with a leak detector. So if there’s any sort of leaking around the device, it would let you know. With that, you can prevent the leaking and stop it from hampering the device. The lightning detector is very accurate as well. If there’s supposed to be a serious calamity in the near future, it would start beeping up until you turn the beep off. The installation isn’t tricky by any means so you can install it whenever and wherever you would like to do so. 

  • It has an Indoor PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor and Outdoor PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor
  • The lightning detector beeps when there’s supposed to be a thunderstorm occurring in the near future
  • It also comes with a leak detector
  • There’s a soil moisture sensor available as well
  • The Installation is easy and can be done within a couple of minutes on your own

Things to Consider Before Buying the Product

There are certain things that you have to look forward to when you buy a weather station. Here are some of the major things that you have to look forward to when buy a weather station:- 

1. Functions 

Now, you might get a weather station along with a lightning detector, but you have to look at other aspects of things as well. A weather station should give you weather updates in detail. It means that you have to see whether the product can afford you details about rainfall measurement, weather forecasting etc. These details need to be accurate as well. Other than this, wind speed and its direction is also going to help the cause. But if a weather station lacks all of these qualities, you shouldn’t buy it just because it has a lightning detector. The more functions performed by a weather station, the better it is for you and your excitement to know about weather and how it behaves. When you’re buying something specifically for a purpose, you should make sure that it ticks all the boxes. 

2. Price 

Price will always play a huge role. If you don’t want to spend much just to buy a weather station, you will have a lot of choices available which might prove to be effective to some extent as well. But the durability will always be in question. When you go for a product with a high price, there are great chances that its durability would be more. But you have to think about the functions that a weather station has to offer. Sometimes, a product might be available at a higher price but it can have a limited number of functions. Now, you have to be wise with your decisions. You shouldn’t jump the gun solely based on price. You can find a product for a lower price and it might become defective really quick. You may go for a product with a higher price but end up being disappointed with its limited number of features. So, keep the price in mind and see if there’s a product available with a bunch of features which can truly justify the price. 

3. Price

This is supposed to be thought of very nicely. Being brand friendly can help you out in many ways. If you buy a branded product, you have all the chances to get a valuable item. It’s important to consider a brand when you’re buying a weather station. The product of this kind would never be available at a small price. It wouldn’t fit in your budget so you have to save money to buy it. Now that you’re actually putting in that extra bit of an effort to buy a weather station, why do you want to go for a commodity which is not provided by a popular organization? Brands like AcuRite and Ambient are supposed to be kept in mind while buying a weather station. They have quality products available and the best part is, they come at a different price level. There are all the chances in the world that they would be lasting really long. Durability comes hand in hand with good brands and the products manufactured by them.

4. Wireless connectivity 

This one should be kept in mind as well. When your weather station comes with wires, there are too many problems with it. You have to keep it near the charging point and if it’s not available at the spot you would like to place your weather station, things might lead to trouble. With wires, there are all the chances of facing those damages. When a wire gets damaged and stops working, you cannot connect the weather station to your phone. Wireless connectivity puts all of these things to rest. You just have to click on the WiFi option and your device would be connected to it almost instantly. In that way, you have your devices connected with ease. There would be no point where you face any defect with your wireless connection. Even if there’s any, you can switch off the WiFi option and instantly switch it on. Most of the top brands producing weather stations have made it sure that this option is available for the ease of their customers. 

5. Warranty 

You have to look into the warranty period as well. Some products may come with a warranty of just six months. Are they a safe bet? Definitely not. They can get damaged early on and you wouldn’t be able to repair it for free since the warranty period has ended. You should choose a product which has a maximum warranty period. The longer the warranty period, the safer the product is. It also shows that the manufacturers have their faith in the product. It makes your choice much more clear. The topmost brands come with a warranty of at least one year. Some people might act foolish and buy products if they have got plenty of functions as well as an affordable price. But warranty should be looked upon as a necessity. If you don’t keep it in mind, you might have to face the repercussions in the long run. This is why it’s important to think about your considerations before buying a weather station. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q1:- What is the advantage of having a weather station with a lightning detector? 

It is going to give you more in depth information about your weather and climate. With a lightning detector, you can know beforehand if there’s a storm coming your way in your area. 

Q2:- Will it cost me more to buy a weather station with a lightning detector? 

It can cost you a bit more than usual. But the new products coming from some of the top brands will be able to provide you this function without costing much. So you should definitely go for it as you have a chance of getting more knowledge. 

Q3:- Will it require more space in my room to fit in a lightning detector? 

It wouldn’t require much space to be very honest. If you have free space for a weather station, it would be easy for you to fit in a lightning detector as well. 

Q4:- Is it difficult to use a lightning detector? 

No, it is not difficult to use a lightning detector. You can easily manage it if you know how to use a weather station. It might not be so easy when you first install it but with time, things will definitely become easier for you. 

Q5:- Is a lightning detector durable? 

If you go for a branded version of lightning detector, it will definitely last long. You just have to make sure that you choose the right product. 


All the products mentioned above have their own benefits.  But if we have to choose one, we will go for the AcuRite 01022M Pro Weather Station Detector. It has a number of amazing features, durability is there as well. The best part is, it comes at an affordable price. 

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